Interesting thoughts coming to mind today. Mainly about opinion and fact! It’s a strange one really.
Everything I write here is generally my own personal opinion on a subject, My own personal take on life, sharing what I learn and impressions I gather along my journey called life.
But when does an opinion become a fact? I don’t believe it ever does!
In this journey called spiritual living (what I like to call it as I’m not a spiritualist!) You come across many people from all walks of life. They each have their own opinions to share, their own life lessons learnt and their own take on life. Sometimes their opinion may not fit well with my own! Does that mean I am wrong and theirs is fact? No. It means we are both right and need to be accepting of the FACT that we are all entitled to our own opinions.

However. With this work for spirit that we do- we have a personal responsibility to others. We MUST ensure we are clear in how we put ourselves across.
We must ensure we are completely accurate in advising that
this is MY personal opinion,
it’s what works for ME.
I have come to understand ….. In this way.
This is my advice based on MY learning.

Take ownership of your ideas. Own your opinions and be clear that you are speaking from your own point of view because some people may take your words for gospel, they may follow what you say as a ‘how to’ lesson for themselves and that can be a VERY dangerous thing indeed- especially if you decide to put your opinions across as fact and that is the only way to do something or the only explanation…….
Personal responsibility. It’s one of the most important factors of working with spirit and one we should all remember!!


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