The Crab, the Minotaur and the Gecko within us all!!

Some beautiful guidance given to me in Meditation, back in Oct 2014.

Cast off your shell. As you grow and evolve, your previous shell is destined not to fit. Move with the natural flow of things, cast off the old and step into the new! crabs do a sideways tap dance through life teaching us that not all paths in life are direct! But regardless of the twists and turns, or the side way’s steps needed, we get to our goal with the path of least resistance even if it doesn’t seem that way at the time.

Concentration is the arrow, meditation is the bow. Balance them, as one cannot function without the other. Without the bow the arrow has no strength, no aim, no power. Without the arrow the bow has no purpose.

Everything in the universe exists with A balance of light and dark, good and bad. All things have a polar opposite but must flow continuously with each other to bring balance just as the yin yang shows. Find the balance for we are in truth, different aspects of one creation.

The minotaur is a reminder that we all have within us a dark fear. We are not born of fear. we learn it through the experiences of life. The never-ending twists and turns of the labyrinth of our path and this can sometimes leave us lost or feeling threatened. Stop fighting against the instinctual side of your Human nature. Learn to love your inner minotaur for all that it can teach us and learn to recognise it in others when they become imposing aggressive or threatening.

To make a decision you must pay attention and then act upon it. Just as a gecko will shed it’s tail to flee when trapped, knowing with time and patience the tail will grow back- we must remember that it is possible to re group and rejuvenate even after set backs.

So be patient, let go of opposition and accept the good and the bad.

The light and the dark. The crab, the minotaur & the gecko within each of us.


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