The human condition

The good old human condition.

Not sure how I feel about this one but it flowed so it got written. This is some channelled writings from a guide of mine. The below are his words, written through me.

“Humans are so intent on destroying themselves.

There is a simple order to life, one which has existed for as far back as you can conceive!

You are born, you grow, you learn, you in turn teach others, you become an elder, you are greatly loved and respected amongst your people for the ancient knowledge you hold, you die and return to great spirit- carrying in the teachings of our ways through spirit.

Yet you humans now. No body dies at the right time any longer, everybody lives too long and medical science applauds themselves for the wonders of living longer. This is not life with purpose. If you unwell you seek the mothers medicine.Not the manmade poisons of the western world.

What is this cancer? This is the result of the wonder of science. You say science can bring wonderful things to the world but at what price? You are destroying yourselves for the cost of success.

You will never find immortality or taste it until you leave your human shell. Spirit send the healers, the ancient ones, the new generation to cope with what is left of this world when they will be needed.

May they do a better job of connecting to great spirit and mother earth for the survival of not 1 man but of the many”


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