the journey

I have been asking ‘them up there’ for signs and guidance on why I’m actually here. I’ve been asking for so long that I can’t actually remember when I first started asking!
Yesterday while out shopping, my body was aching as usual and I was asking for something, anything to stop this hurting I feel daily. I was drawn to bath salts…now these weren’t ordinary bath salts but arnica bath salts. Several times over the last fornight I have had the word ‘arnica’ come up in conversation, so I decided to listen for once and bought some of the salts. Having run my bath- I looked at the water. a muddy looking, nasty rusty water is what I was confronted with! but the smell? wow! orange and pure relaxational zest is all I can describe it as. heaven! (if you got past the look of the water)

Strangely,  the bath or shower is where I get most of my downloads from them up there, the universe or myself so I settled into the warm water and closed my eyes to relax. I say strangely but actually, living in a busy house of 6 means that the bathroom is my only sanctuary! Water is where I work best as it cools my hot headed responses and quiets my busy mind.

I felt my guide Sila come forward. her beautiful blond hair and stunning strong features filling my head. Sila is warrior. I do not know what type of warrior or whether that’s just metaphorical but a warrior none the less. She comes to me, viking and pagan and all fire and darkness. she is my shadow self who I have some tough lessons to learn from and embrace but honestly,  she is actually lovely. how could she not be? after all she is just another part of me.

She had a message for me today.
“why do you think you have all these allergies? why do you think they aren’t serious? why are they just enough of an irritant but not enough to cause you serious harm?”
She showed me a series of images. skin and fire, meadows of flowers,  trees and deep hedges of plants. She then showed me her sat at a fire in the woods. mixing and grinding plants and flowers, forming a paste that she worked hard to produce. just as I start to ‘get it’ she cuts me off.

“The old ways will be the new. Pagan Roots, Celtic Ways. To move forward we must look back, Not through our own path but that of our ancestors. Why do you think you have these allergies….use them to find a better way”

I got out of the bath and pondered a while. Suddenly, memories came flooding back to me. Showing me all the signs that I’ve been given for the last few years! The gentle nudges from spirit. The coincidences that had me following the path I have been following.
One word popped into my head as I sat, astounded by this little light bulb moment.


Now here’s the really interesting bit. I hate plants. I can’t keep any plant alive no matter how hard I try! I am not green fingered in any way shape or form. I had to Google Herbology to see if it was even a real word. but regardless of all that- it sits well with me. It relates to my mind and soul and gives me a warm fuzzy feeling which cannot be denied!  

The other thing that cannot be denied is that I have no pain currently and that feels like magik! 

So I guess I’m off on a slight detour. What a wonderful life we get to have, with all these twists and turns to keep us interested!


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