little old me and religion..


When I first studied religion I nievely classed myself as an atheist. The more I learnt the more agnostic I became-it is a subject that has always fascinated me and I had wanted to study theology for many years!
However after finding a spiritual path- I have a very different view of religion. I do not class myself as a spiritualist because that would mean I follow an exact teaching or religion however I do believe I am spiritual…

While having a chat with the Husband, I came to a sudden conclusion which I find quite disheartening.

Religion takes away your personal responsibility.

It gives you a faith to follow yes, it gives many a focus for their decisions. But what each and every religion seems to do (other than Buddhism I feel) is to tell you to follow the word of another.

To follow those teachings and base your life around them. By doing so you are absolved from any responsibility over your actions! A sheep if you will. Follow these 7 principles, 10 commandments etc etc and all will be well. Confess your sins and all will be forgotten and you will be welcomed into the kingdom of heaven with open arms.

Every religion I encounter seems to carry with it an ultimate judgement when your time comes. Just do as we say in this book and you need not be responsible, however- you WILL be judged? by whom? Many religious teachings speak of non judgment of others, yet the teachings themselves then speak of others having to turn to said religion or spend eternity in hell.

I feel the closest religion to how it really all works is spiritualism, but even that has been tainted by money and greed and ego to a point that unless you are a paid member of said religion, you do not belong. Just plain wrong in my book. 

What a personal and sad view to have come to. But one view that finally comes from understanding more instead of blindly following. Step out. Question. Have an opinion. You were given your voice and your feet for a reason. Use them to make yourself heard if you choose.


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