Don’t run before you can walk.

‘Run before you can walk
If someone tries to run before they can walk, they try to do something requiring a high level of knowledge before they have learned the basics.’

I am a developing Psychic Medium. I’ve been developing my abilities for around a year now with the help of The Spiritual Centre of Light that I attend in Woolston,  Southampton.
I first became aware of spirit when my father passed away, when I was 13. I would hear my dad walk in the house. He would do things within the house that were unexplainable. But to myself and my family, we just laughed it off as ‘oops! dad doesn’t like the new curtains’ things like that! Throughout my teenage life and into my adult life, I had many odd things happen around me but presumed it to be ghosts or that we lived on a lay line. Supernatural causes rather than anything  as normal as loved ones in spirit just lending a hand. I hadn’t realised that my silent questions or prayers were being answered because I didn’t understand how spirit work or how my own abilities worked. I spent 18 years shrugging off these experiences and chalking them down to ‘something unexplainable’ along with calling myself an atheist.
So when I found a Facebook group that could read pictures of loved ones, I was fascinated. I put a photo of my nan on there and after a week or so I received a reading from a lady called Annette. It was amazing and really made me ask to RIGHT questions.
how was she doing that?
was she able to see nan? Speak to her?
how what where why when?
This one seemingly inconsequential Facebook message, opened me and my heart to the amazing world of spirit.
I was looking through the photos on the page one night and found myself typing a message to another poster on there. I had picked up a lady’s grandad and everything I had was correct despite me having no clue, how I had done that!

So that was the start of something amazing. But I didn’t know HOW I was doing this and being the inquisitive person I am, I needed to know the ins and outs of it all. I have attended workshops, services, demonstrations of mediumship and all sorts of other things for around a year. Gaining Insight and knowledge into how this ability works and how I can learn to open up better and be more reliable in my connections.

It took me (to my knowledge) 18 years of denying and ignoring spirit & in the grand scheme of life, I have only been working out how to use my abilities to work with spirit for 1 year.

Every person alive today has the ability of psychic intuition and can learn to use it for themselves and others. However not everybody has the ability to work mediumistically to a degree that means they can work directly with spirit, having a strong link and trusting in the messages to be able to work as a medium.

It takes dedication,  hard work, trust and self belief along with an unwavering faith that spirit are THERE. They are real and just existing alongside you on a higher frequency. It also takes many, many years of learning from those experienced wonderful mediums, who wish to pass along their knowledge and teachings.

It took me 18 years of ignorance. So I am fully expecting it to take that or longer, before I would be at any kind of level to say I am a true ‘Working Medium’

I do give readings, I do connect to spirit. I have many clients who are happy with the messages I am able to pass across from their loved ones. But my clients also know this. I do not profess to be a seasoned medium. I do not profess to know all and most importantly I ensure all know that I am working on becoming as good a connector as I can possibly be. We never stop learning from spirit and I will never stop being in awe of the amazing lessons I am taught every single day. If the work ever becomes a chore or I stop being amazed and moved- It will be the day that I hang up my coat and leave the world of mediumship.

But for now? I take each step slowly, learn each lesson fully and expect there to be steps back and forward while I work on being as helpful to others with my mediumship as I can be. I do not strive to be the best. I strive to be the best that I can be and to have faith and trust and love in all I can achieve with spirit and the right mentors by my side.

I am walking before I can run. I have faith that along the road I may be able to break into a jog, then maybe the ground will become flat and the rocks will fall away to leave me free to run towards that horizon. There will always be bends and turns along that road, but I am happy to slow my pace and endure the tough terrain,  to make sure I am always pushing forward, regardless of how long it takes Because this is what I want to do. I want to be able to help others know, their loved ones are with them.


6 thoughts on “Don’t run before you can walk.

  1. I have just read your well written Blog Nici and I agree with you wholeheartedly that everyone can connect to those in spirit but as you say there is much much more to mediumship than just giving a message. Those training need experience of many senario’s, not all sitters understand how to be a good sitter, not all those in spirit are good communicators. There is a huge responsibility on the mediums shoulders to learn how to put the information from spirit across in a caring, loving and constructive way. A good medium will understand their client too by connecting also with them, they may be nervous , emotional, hurt and all this has to be taken into account. There are so many aspects of spirit that the learning will never end in one lifetime and as you so rightly say, the same applies for me, the day I am not in awe of this work will be the day I hang up my spiritual boots. Well done xxxx


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