Conversations with my self.

Theres little point in Talking the talk if you never intend on walking the walk.

Stop hiding behind the untruth that other people’s opinions matter.
Stop hiding in the corner and hoping others will make the decision for you.
You have spent so long in the shadows, only fighting out of your corner when forced.
Is it not time to fight for your truth just because you can and should, rather than because you are made to?
Ever keeping the peace, Ever towing the line.
Has it ever gotten you where you needed to be?
What are you so afraid of?
You speak of trusting intuition. You know what your intuition tells you but yet you fight it.
So why ask?
Write yet another list of pro’s and con’s if you must.
The list will be biased because you already made you decision. Just as with all the other lists before it.
You wish to be clear, to be calculated, to be unbiased & control your emotional reactions?
How laughable you can be!!  Is that even possible in a decision that affects your heart & soul and for those that you would lay down your own life for in a heart beat? I would hope not! You forget dear one, I know you. I know your capabilities and your strengths. I know you better than you know yourself. Your intuition told you the moment you questioned. Every further second you spend denying that and finding excuses as to why you should second guess yourself are a waste of my time. You spend so much time denying me. Second guessing me. Questioning whether I am just a physical response to an emotional reaction.
Well I tell you this. If I am a figment of your imagination, Why do I make so much sense? Why do I know your true heart and true intentions despite yourself?
If I am a figment of your imagination- Why should it matter- You are still going to make the right choices eventually…That is, once you accept, embrace and have a gentle reminder from me.

Stop talking. Stop researching. Stop panicking. Stop doubting your strength or your resolve to make this work. Take a step out on your own and see how truly stunning it can be to walk that talk and turn your shadowed, confused and fearful face towards the light.

Love and patience as always,
The you, you strive to be.


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