Could you do platform Mediumship?

I was asked a question yesterday by a friend and it really got my brain ticking. The question related to demonstrations of mediumship.
‘ Do you think you will do platform Mediumship? ‘

My first response to this kind of question is always the same. No. No way. But it did get me thinking about why I feel that way.
Platform mediumship is basically exactly what is sounds like. A medium stands up in front of an audience or congregation to pass across messages from spirit to those people in the crowd. It is a brilliant and wonderful way of getting messages across to a wider audience, but also is a fantastic way to push that overall message out to many people at once. 
The message is that our loved ones are still with us,  Just in a different way to when we could physically touch, hear and see them. 
I adore seeing mediums work in demonstrations. It is such a lovely experience to be able to share in hearing messages to others, to see an audience member have that validation through evidence and see their whole person change. Some people walk into a demo as a skeptic and walk out a believer. That miracle, is down to the Mediums ability to convey the messages that spirit give them and to ultimately provide that evidence that they are speaking with the persons mother/father/brother.
Demonstrations of mediumship are exactly that. A demonstration that the medium is speaking/sensing/feeling/hearing a loved one in spirit and that they can pass across a message that provides complete evidence of information, that only those who know that loved one, would know. Spirit want us to know they are with us. They want us to understand that when they passed over,  they didn’t cease to exist. That’s what a medium is for, to share the truth that life continues & to help the healing for both sides. 

So, why wouldn’t I want to do that? Surely that’s the aim for any medium?!
Well no. Any person who has experienced giving messages from spirit, knows that there is such a massive personal responsibility that goes with the ability. One that should always be used with the needs of the sitter, put first. Not all messages are suitable for the public domain. Not all sitters are ready for that, despite their interest. Not all sitters receive a message from the person they feel they NEED to hear from. Spirit know best and will not always come forward unless they feel you are strong enough and ready, to hear their words. Sometimes they know what you have to say between you, needs to be said in private, where you can shed tears or be free with the emotions that you often feel, when receiving messages from spirit. I cry every single time I receive a message from any of my loved ones in spirit! It’s an emotional thing!!

Also to work as a platform medium is not only about passing across messages. It is about being kind and compassionate in your speech and the way to connect to members of the audience. It is about knowing what is appropriate to say in the public domain and what is not. It is about being confident in your connections to spirit. Its about being able to not only connect but also swap those energies in quick succession to provide as many messages to the audience as possible in the time frame given. It’s about keeping the messages positive and uplifting. About holding everyone’s attention and keeping the energies in the room high to help you keep those connections. It’s about so much more than passing across a message.
That kind of work takes a very committed and special person, someone who can speak in public confidently and who is not afraid to get it wrong. It’s never wrong by the way, it’s just been interpreted by the medium in a different way. Like a game of charades with someone you can’t always see or hear. It takes a long time and experience to learn the symbols spirit use for you. The way that they work with you and also to gain the confidence and trust in the information you receive. 

But one thing I do know, Is that I can no longer say ‘No way!’ to working on platform. I can say,  it’s possible in the future.
My path ahead is a long one full of so much learning and development and who am I to say no to anything…But what I will say is- I will never stand up and provide a demonstration until I know in my heart and soul, that I would be proud to receive the messages from spirit, that I am able to pass across to others.

After all, it isn’t about me. The messages are not for me. The people that matter are the ones receiving the words i give, on behalf of those in spirit. The personal responsibility of knowing that is enough to keep me where I need to be right now.

Ever learning, ever growing and ever loving this journey called life.


4 thoughts on “Could you do platform Mediumship?

  1. Wow, what an insightful blog, well done Nici you have explained it beautifully and I totally agree with you. Even now I prefer the one to ones I do above platform work, mediumship is not all about being in the public eye but working for spirit in any capacity you can with Love sincerity and most of all truth. Being a medium is as I have always said a huge responsibility, as these spirit people are someones mother , father, grand parents sisters or brothers, they are real and true mediumship is not for the self glory . Well done xx


  2. Just read this Nici and love it. So true too. The Great Spirit knows who you are and knows what you are capable of. Each one of us has our own way to serve Spirit. From just a smile to a passer-by to mediumship or Spiritual healing. Being good is what it’s all about. For my part my guides and loved ones know me and accept who and what I am. Unfortunately some people here on Earth don’t. I am a showman, salesman and up front with my psychic mediumship. I do sit with Annette in one to ones at our flat but she is the main messenger and I tag along at the end with whatever I pick up. Most of what I give is taken by the sitter and Annette often takes what I get and elaborates on each point therfore we always go over the hour but that does not matter to us. The message is all and we never cut off the link because the time is up. My ego and abilities are toward platform mediumship where I can get up and give a little to a lot. Some might say quantity not quality. All I know is that the few times I have got up to work on platform people enjoy and acknowledge my messages from loved ones. Serious and humorous together. Like Only Fools and Horses where you have comical moments mixed with sincerity/pathos at other times. I use my ego with good intent and often laugh at myself. However with the intimate messages in a private reading Annette shines like a beacon. I feel we compliment each other beautifully and were always meant to meet up and get married and work for Spirit in the autumn and winter of our physical lives. Annette the Earth Angel and me an “ACTOR” who Spirit will continue to work with to bring love and knowledge of them to people who need it during the dark times in their lives here. I will add that Annette can be very funny at times but never a little silly like me. LOL. In conclusion Spirit knows you and once you give them the green light will happily help and guide you to becoming the best you can be as their ambassadors. Love and Light to all.XXXXXXX


    • Totally agree Colin! Work to your strengths and know your self! So important. Ego is a word that many see as a bad thing, but in truth we all have one and all need one to push forward in life! A healthy ego and a truth in your own self is all that’s needed do go where you need to be. I completely agree regarding you and Annette- The Blann team!


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