My Healthy Body, Mind & Spirit.

When I first began this new path of my life around a year ago, I didn’t realise how massively it would affect my whole life in general! Not so long ago, I was in daily pain, taking constant medication and hormonally struggling massively to get by each day.
Truly learning that your life is what you make it and that you are the sole contributor to how your life pans out, has been instrumental in giving me the kick up the bum that was so dearly needed.

Along with spiritual development, I have been drawn to overhauling my life in general. Questioning what foods I put into my body has become a big thing and waking up to a new day with excitement and joy has become a huge focus.

I have always tried to do my best for my large family. Despite almost daily pain since I was 15, I have become a mother to 4 beautiful healthy and happy children. I have worked in different areas from being a cleaner part time, to working as an assistant for a manager of a depot in transport. I loved working and having that balance of mum and business person- but when my 3rd child L was born, he began to develop very serious episodes of hypoglycaemia when he turned 5 months old.
After many many emergency trips to hospital, it became clear that I could no longer balance the working life with being a mum to a poorly child, so decided to leave work. Having L was the beginning of us looking at what we put into our bodies. L needs high carbohydrates and low protein, along with a special carb powder put into his drinks to keep his sugar levels stable. We still don’t know what causes L to have these episodes and he is still under investigation with the truly amazing Great Ormond St Hospital, but he is happy and healthy and reasonably illness free nowadays. Due to his illness we began looking at what we eat at home and providing what L needed in his diet. Until 6 years ago I didn’t even know there were different types of carbohydrates. Different types of proteins and fats. I just ate food for the sake of it. I am so lucky and blessed to not only have a wonderful child who has endured so much in his short life, without complaint, but also feel that he chose me for a reason. He has and continues to teach, me and those around him so much about life!

Around 5 years ago I also met my now husband, who has also taught me so much. The most important thing he has taught me so far is that for me to be the best mum and wife and person I can be, I have to look after myself properly. This hasn’t been an easy process to learn at all!! In fact I still struggle with it now. I began to understand and accept the concept more and more but still didn’t really ‘get’ how I was supposed to do this whole ‘look after yourself’ thing.

Well, since beginning my path spiritually, I  have also begun working on healing myself from the inside out too.

The first step came a year ago after finally deciding to accept my Gluten Intolerance and massively reducing my gluten and wheat intake. Not only did I lose 2 stone in excess weight, but I also became happier, more energised and my joint pain and headaches reduced considerably! 

The second step I took was reducing alcohol. This has happened naturally over the past year and I am by no means tee total! But I have reduced my intake considerably which I’m feeling so pleased about. I had been in the habit of reaching for a glass in the evening after the children had gone to bed and I saw it as my reward for surviving another day!
Nowadays I still drink on occasion, but it’s no longer a habit or a stress related reaction and again I have seen the benefits in my health.  

Most recently I have been reducing  processed foods and also processed meat consumption and trying to increase our intake of more natural plant based foods.
We do still eat meat as a family but this has now reduced down to once or twice a week. My children have always eaten well, having plenty of fruit and veg, balanced and nutritional meals- However I was still denying this to the other important person in our family. Me.

With the massive support from my husband I have been able to slowly see the benefits of looking after myself, both physically, mentally and spiritually and the true meaning of what this can do to improve not only my life, but our family as a whole. 

This brings me to the next step. Thanks to the hubby, who bought me this book last week- ‘Deliciously Ella’ by Ella Woodward, I am now on week 1 of truly healthier me.


Everything I am doing, is a slow process so that these things become habit, part of normal every day life and therefore will become the life changes needed! This week is smoothie challenge. Ella has some amazing smoothie and juice recipes which I have bought everything needed to make myself different smoothies each morning for a week. This is a big challenge for me as textures of drinks are a hurdle that I need to overcome. Wish me luck and I will let you know how it goes!


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