Hello Beautiful…


When you look in the mirror what do you see?

A lady with wrinkles? Is that really me?
A blemish right here, A scar over there
Why must we age? It seems so unfair!
My body has softened, Stomach no longer flat,
Won’t mention the cleavage or the added back fat!
When I look in the mirror, its this that I see, but is this the truth? is this really me?

Walk back to the mirror, Look into those eyes,
pay no more attention to wobbly thighs!
Look deep into you and see what I see,
A beautiful soul, who wants to break free!

I say you are stunning, cos that’s what you are.
The beauty inside you I see from afar.
Look into those eyes and see what I see
I truly see you, for all you can be.

Next time that you stand there, in front of that mirror,
Don’t look at the body and then give a shiver.
Instead breathe in deep, and connect with those eyes, The ones that see me, the ones that cant lie.
Next time that you look, Please let out a smile, feel beauty, feel freedom See me and you’ll fly.

Its simple you see, The trick to this is-
I see you, I know you, I am you, inside.


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