Mother Earth.

Life. It’s a funny old word isn’t it.
Such a small, seemingly harmless, 4 letter word that can mean so many different things.

The first one that comes to mind is new life. Growth and development and birth.
At the moment of birth there is only one inborn developed need- Survival. How amusing that survival of the human body is one of the only things we cannot truly achieve. As soon as we are a twinkle, an idea- we are created to live & then die.

Everyone celebrates new life so fully and joyously, yet the real living hasn’t even begun yet. We are born to learn, to grow and to develop. Growing to the stage of birth is of course a massive achievement. After all, us humans are miracles in our own right. The correct combinations of genes and cells to form and develop into a living breathing person is quite the task!

So why do we feel so very disappointed and sad when that life passes over?

For me, my life purpose is do just that. To live! When I become old and my body worn down,  I don’t want to be that person thinking, where did my life go? What if? If only I’d been brave enough to…?

Living a full life doesn’t mean earning a tonne of money. Money makes the world go round- That saying makes me cringe- If money didn’t exist, the world would not stop spinning. She would carry on her daily life as normal. Her inhabitants may struggle greatly but earth herself would not. She does not need us to survive. We need her. Us humans became so very lost, so very quickly.

Everything needs to be faster, needs to be accessible yesterday, taste sweeter, be larger. Everything we needed to live, we were provided with. It’s us humans that move the goal posts, it’s us that try too hard to ‘improve’ our conditions. To make ourselves more comfortable. There is nothing earth provides us with that we can’t replicate nowadays. Everything except one thing. Life.

The one important factor that we humans don’t seem to understand any longer, is that to survive on this planet, this planet must survive.
She started out as a beautiful mother, gently encouraging and providing everything needed for her babies. Her babies grew up and instead of thanking her- They injure and damage her.

Mother Earth has been sentenced to life imprisonment by the very loved ones she nurtured into her world so many years ago. I won’t be around the day she eventually stops spinning but maybe my children’s children will. The destruction of our mother will not occur through any fault of anyone but ourselves. Many times she has shown her pain, shown how our evolving sciences have caused her damage.

A woman unsupported, constantly caused pain, restrained and injured, abused and ignored. A woman treated this way would feel our compassion. We would demand the guilty parties be held accountable for their vile actions. But how can you find them guilty when there are around 7 billion of them in the world. You are one of them!  I am too. Sat on my leather sofa, writing this on a phone, in my warm central heated brick and plastic and wood house, listening to the tumble drier as I was too lazy to ask mother nature to dry my clothes for me. My clothing made of man made fibres instead of the furs and wool mother nature provided for warmth. I won’t go too far into it other than to say that I presume Mother Earth no longer recognises the beautiful planet she once was.
Many of us are slowly awakening to the destruction we are causing. Many of us are slowly seeing the light and accepting that for us to have a place here on this earth, there must be balance. She won’t sustain us forever and unless we start making the right choices she won’t sustain us for much longer. We have become so egotistical. Such self righteous belief’s that we can survive anything.  I wouldn’t want to be around when those ahead of us realise our foolish mistakes.

Much Love As Always, Nici x


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