Easter is for all spiritual people.


Easter is upon us and this year it feels very different to how it did before I found my spiritual path.
I was never of a set religion growing up and have always enjoyed learning about different elements of many faiths. Despite never being of any religion, While finding my path over the last year I have had so many questions thrown up along the way, I am relearning about the world with fresh eyes. How truly amazing is that!!
It interests me greatly and I have such a pure love for learning as much as I can about myself & others and how they view the world. I am not a spiritualist and instead I like to see myself as just a spiritual person who is open to all faiths and encourage discussion and education of all faiths so when it comes to holidays- I love to look further into it all.

The following article has been taken from the Internet and was written back in 2012 for the Examiner. The reason I’ve included it is because I’ve been searching for a good way to explain Easter without the suggestion that Christians are right or wrong. I love how this explains things so very simply and blends different faiths and ideas together beautifully.

‘Easter is at the heart of the Christian faith. The divinity of Jesus is proven by the triumph that Jesus had over death when He rose from the dead. The traditional view is that Jesus’ body got up and walked out of the tomb. He then appeared to many of his followers, including Mary Magdalene and the disciples, before He ascended into heaven.
Most of us know the account of the crucifixion and resurrection by heart, which appears in the gospels of the four apostles, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. The gospels have a special reverence in the Bible, with the common saying “that’s the gospel truth” implying that a statement is absolutely true if it appeared in the gospels. His appearance is not that much of an issue with Christian Spiritualists. The form that He took is another matter.
The immediate question focuses on how His closest followers and relatives did not immediately recognize Jesus? The answer that we believe is that Jesus appeared in Spirit, and not in His physical body. It takes a huge amount of energy for a spirit to appear to a person on earth. It takes a Master to make a spiritual appearance to a group of people because this takes a synchronization of energies with each person. Jesus was such a Master that he could do this. His followers and relatives were not so advanced to see Spirit immediately.
Spiritualists believe that each of us will continue after we pass from our lives. This is one of our core beliefs. The soul continues after death. This was true for Jesus, and it is true for all of us. Spiritualists know with absolute certainty that the spirit continues after life is done. We have had direct communication with some of our congregation within hours of their passing. This is much less a matter of faith because we receive these communications on a regular and constant basis.
Another belief that many spiritualist hold is that we are all divine because we are all part of the creation. Jesus was accused of blasphemy when he claimed to be the Son of God. Christian Spiritualists support Jesus’ claim, and add to it that we are all equally Sons and Daughters of God. We are not all Master Teachers, as Jesus was, but we are all directly connected to God. Jesus was divine; I am divine; and you are divine. The important part of God is what is inside of us, and how we act towards each other.
Every soul continues forever. We are all resurrected upon the death of the physical body. The messages of the departed are always, “everything is all right here”. Knowing this takes away the fear of dying. We all continue and we are all part of the creation and the Creator. Jesus’ resurrection is a shared experience of all beings. Live your life with love and compassion’

Whatever your faith,  whatever your beliefs- Enjoy this Easter weekend and spend time with loved ones. Take mental snapshots of the smiles, the laughter and the love shared. The miracle of life is all around us, all we have to do is take the time to really see.


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