People Watching

Sitting here outside a coffee shop, watching people being busy.
Too busy, bustling around like every little thing depends on getting to ‘there’ quicker. Shouting at children. Grumbling at the old lady with her walking frame who is taking ‘too long’ to cross the road. hurrying past her at the first opportunity while muttering under their breath.

I’ve been sat here now for half an hour and I am yet to see even one person  smile at someone else (other than me) Cars beeping at each other because they dared to let pedestrians across the road in front of them. It’s one space in front and that is apparently so much more precious than a kind deed.

Everyone looks so, well- unhappy!
Headphones in to block out any possible human interaction. Children dragging their feet and being told to hurry.

Why are we always in such a hurry?  what’s so important that we can’t spend 2 minutes to breathe. Cars squeezing through the amber traffic lights, 1 then 2 then a 3rd at the last second- heaven forbid they have to wait at the red light.

We all look so grey. The sky is grey, people look grey, children have lost that rose cheeked happy expression.

I find it hilarious how many people have slowed down to look at me while I sit here smiling, just breathing and watching. Some stare at my purple hair, some merely seem perplexed by my happy smiling face. Some shocked when I say hello. It’s hilarious how non human the human race has become.

As they carry on their path, speeding up again- remembering how ‘busy’ they are, I am amazed by one thing. How many of them turn back and return the smile.

We have the ability to communicate. We are blessed with that gift. Take some TIME today, stop. Breathe and really appreciate what it is to be.


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