Conversation’s with my self. Mirrors edge.

As many of you know by now, I receive a lot of my philosophy while in the bath or shower or near water. I’ve never really thought too much on why that is until this evening.
For about a week now I have been suffering from a cluster migraine. Basically it’s a series of separate migraines attacks close together and apart from a few hormonal changes of late (common for us ladies) there hasn’t really been any reason for them. I’ve looked into the meaning of them in relation to ‘dis-ease’ of the mind and spirit but again, nothing was really resounding with me.
My husband collected my reliever medication today and wow, the relief of feeling that fog lifting once I took them!! Now, Whether they really work or its all in the mind is another story for another post…

So, I went off to run a warm bath, set some candles and turn the lights off and I became really mesmerised by the reflection of the candles in the water. I found myself gently touching the water and seeing the reflection change and distort as the water became disturbed and chaotic under my touch. But the undeniable fact was, that the calm always returned each time. I think that is why I love being in water so so much. The calmness of it.

You can make as many waves as needed but the undeniable truth of water is that somewhere along the line, calm wins. Calm returns and peace is restored.

While relaxing in the bath I often float off into the universe and that is often when my guides will speak to me. They’ve been quiet recently so I decided to just flow with it and not expect too much. I was shown a butterfly again. The eye on her wing so bright and powerful as she calmly lifted herself from the darkness and fluttered away. Suddenly I was drawn to the saying

“When a butterfly flaps its wings in one part of the world it can cause a hurricane  in another part of the world”

chaos and calm. Calm and chaos. Beauty and destruction happening within the exact same moment in time.
I found myself at a white door. The handle shining and inviting. But the door would not open, no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t shift the door open. The room began to fill with water and I felt panic setting in. I realised I needed a key but where was it? All I could concentrate on was the water, fast and noisy and rushing around me, filling the dark empty space that I was in. Just me, the door and the water closing in around me I felt fear, anxiety, worry and dread. All the feelings ive been confronted with lately.
Suddenly Sila was there, my dark and light guide and I understood. I calmed down and stopped struggling. It’s so simple really, the more you struggle the more waves you create. It has a ripple effect outwards and creates chaos from the very source. Yourself. I stopped struggling and lifted my feet. I stopped treading water and found myself breathing slowly and deliberately. Well, you can guess what happened- I began to float. The water became calm and I slowly became calm too. I came to, still and calm in my bath, surrounded by the candle light and beautiful smells of my scented candle. I looked at the mirror and within the steam was an image of an angel, wings outstretched and in flight.

You see, the key to the door was there all the time. It is within me. I am both dark and light. Both calm and chaotic. Both Beauty and destruction and each and every one of us are! Light cannot exist with out dark. The stars would not be seen if it werent for the beauty and calm of the night. Shadows could not be cast if it weren’t for the burning chaotic sun.

Slowly but surely I am learning to unlock that door a little piece at a time, and the angel? A little reminder that even when I don’t feel them, they are always there lifting me up, supporting me and helping me towards my greatest good.
And I for one, am so so thankful for it.


2 thoughts on “Conversation’s with my self. Mirrors edge.

  1. The above is so brilliantly put and emulates just how I have been too, thank you nici for this wonderful insight and REMINDER!!!! well written and well said. xxx

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