Being spiritual

I’ve heard a lot of things over the past year since I’ve become involved in spiritual work.
The biggest ones that keep coming back over and over is:

‘And they call themselves spiritual!’
‘That’s not very spiritual’
‘Can’t believe the behaviour of so called spiritual people’

I find this really interesting and infuriating all at once. Spiritual people are not super human. They are not beings from another planet (well, some may be and that’s completely fine) They are not the next messiah. They are spiritual beings living a human existence. We all are, regardless of what you believe of whether you believe anything at all!

When we feel upset by another, when we feel something is unfair, when we feel hurt, when we feel someone is unjust towards us. When we FEEL.

Note that word comes back over and over. FEEL. Feelings are a massive part of being human. Without feelings we would be nothing more than flesh and bone robots, carrying out the same tasks minus one important thing. Our individual right to feel emotions about everything!

Being aware of a higher consciousness, being aware of life everlasting. Being aware of the beauty and awe of the ever continuing soul does not make you suddenly above feeling emotion. If anything it makes you super aware. Super aware of all the injustice and suffering in the world. Super aware of the person sat next to you and how they feel.

Being spiritual in any way, shape or form means the beauty of being more aware.

There are rules to life. Legal rules, moral rules and spiritual rules. What you believe to be important is your own personal and individual choice.

We all strive to be good people. We all want the best in life and for those we love. We all make sacrifice’s. We all compromise. Or at least we all try to do those things.

Feeling bitter or jealous towards another human does not make you a bad person. It makes you human. Feeling upset or hurt by another’s word’s does not mean you have failed on your path. It means you are growing and being challenged every single day.

There is so much animosity within religion and spiritual practise. There is such anger, resentment and bitterness. But there is also a lot of love. Alot of happiness and Alot of genuine joy for the success of another.

I am in no way perfect. People confuse me. I feel jealous at times, I feel upset often. I feel anger towards others. I get outraged on occasion too! But the important part of those emotions is to not look to others for why I feel that way. The important thing is to look at myself in the mirror and decide that my emotions belong to me. I am the one feeling them. I am the one pushing them out onto others. I am the only one who can resolve why I feel that way at that point in time.

Being a spiritual person starts within. It starts with a choice to talk the talk of the words and lessons you are taught, and then actually walk that walk. and most importantly- being spiritual means to embrace all our imperfections and try to love ourselves anyway. Try to see our own errors and correct them, rather than look towards others with blame.

Being spiritual doesn’t mean always turning the other cheek. It doesn’t mean always rising above others and being whollier than thou. It means being human and embracing and accepting all facets of our self. Saying sorry when you have caused offence. Not because you feel you should but because you want to make peace with yourself and others. Forgiving because it is within you to be that person. Accepting others as they are because you know, deep down that we are all the same!

We are spiritual beings living a very human existence. Treat yourself as such.


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