I’m feeling pretty discontent at the moment.
I’m trying to look at the things that I feel discontent in others, as a mirror to what I feel within me. That is a hard thing to achieve but it’s truth.
When you see something undesirable in another, you are looking at something you need to work at within yourself. Or at least that is apparently how it is supposed to work?

We all have responsibility for our own actions and we cannot take responsibility for another’s actions can we? No. But what if that other persons actions were to cause hurt to another and we stand by and do nothing?
When the persons actions are causing issue for others because they cannot see what they are doing? Do we just stand back and watch others become hurt or upset by someone else’s unthinking words or actions? It’s a hard one!

People can become so engrossed in their own personal growth that they actually fail to see that they are moving backwards instead of forwards. Pushing for something you aren’t ready for will only cause you pain and dis ease, but what about when you can see someone doing this to themselves? Do you intervene? Do you try to help them to see? Where is the lesson and who is the lesson for? And most importantly who am I to suggest that person isn’t doing exactly what they need to do for their growth?

I guess what I am looking at is frustration. It makes me wonder whether I am being overly critical of others because I am overly critical of myself.
Maybe that person needs to push and then fall, for them to realise their current limits and what work is still ahead of them. Maybe I am not pushing my limits and this is a lesson for me. Maybe people do become just so about their ‘self’ that they fail to see the path is actually a lot smoother if they just accept they have a lot more work to do than they had been presuming. Maybe that ‘people’ is me?

All i know right now is that’s a lot of maybes and for once I don’t have a clue.
That’s a frustrating feeling and one I need to sit with. All comes out in the wash but I really wish people didn’t have to boil wash things to see what’s going wrong.
Cos often, once clothing has been boiled- it’s never the same again.


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