Life. It’s a funny old thing isn’t it.
When you were 2, the end of the world was being made to take a nap.
When you were 4, the world stopped spinning because you had jam on toast instead of just jam and a spoon.
When you get to 8 or 9 friendships become the heartbreak that makes you feel the world will never be right again.

Leap to the teenage years when every moment becomes a life or death, make or break period in time. Everything is so important. Everything is the actual end of the actual world and after all YOLO! (you only live once) your parents are out to ruin your happiness and what makes them think they know better anyway. They don’t know how THIS feels!! Your first love breaks your heart and you don’t think you will EVER get through this absolute pain and anguish…but you do.

Forward to the inbetween years. The time when you work, or study or party hard. Or all 3! You feel you’ve met ‘the one’ well, it has to be because after all- you’ve never felt this way about anyone right! (Refer back to the teenage years…)

Life is hard work. Every single day you are met with seemingly impossible challenges. Destructive heartache and unachievable aims.

But inbetween those moments, that is where life is. Life is all of this squeezed together in such a short blink of an eye, that suddenly you are 30 odd and think my word! How did I get here?! How did I get through all of that. Then you are suddenly 50 odd or 60 and still you have the same feelings. You look in the mirror and do not recognise the person staring back at you. You have children who have grown. You have family who have passed over. Regardless of age, life is hard work.

But. What do we expect it to be? Without pain, we cannot learn to appreciate joy. Without hurt, we cannot learn to know compassion. Without anger we cannot accept the beauty of calm.

Without, without, without.

Without every single moment that has brought you to the day you are reading this- you would not be the person you are right now. That person is a miracle in its own right. A survivor. A warrior. A thing of pure beauty and perfect imperfections. No matter your age, no matter your gender or beliefs, everything is relative to you and only you.

There is no other life you could compare to yours. No other shoes you could walk in for a day, to help you better understand another’s problems. Because simply, their life is theirs to own just as yours is yours.
What we may perceive as a problem for us, others will perceive as a gift. We are all one but all as individual as snowflakes and fingerprints. Here to learn, here to grow, here to hurt and here to enjoy.

So look back on your life and see not the awful things. Not the pain or the sorrow. Look back and see the magic inbetween. The amazing things you have learnt thanks to those problems overcome. The lessons you continue to take forward thanks to the lessons being presented to you as opportunities.

Life. Its a funny old thing. Live it, love it and embrace every single second for what it is because no matter the mountains you have left to climb, It’s over in the blink of an eye.


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