People- the growing race.

People. They say that people come into your life for a reason.
Sometimes for just a minute, sometimes a moment and some, for a lifetime but always for a reason.

The teacher appears when the student is ready, not the other way round. Yet what we don’t realise is that we are all teachers and all student’s in equal measure. We all have so much to teach each other. We all have so much to learn and it is all for one purpose.
That one purpose is what many miss. It’s to grow.
It’s not to be physically or mentally smarter, or to achieve success in a particular field in the physical world…although that’s great if you manage it. The real lessons, the real purpose of being here is to grow as a person. As a soul. To experience what you set out to experience and gain insight and knowledge on a soul level that enables you to grow!

Growth can be a wonderful thing. It can also be very painful. Either way we are blessed with the ability to grow outside of the constraints we feel we start off in.

Many struggle to deal with the idea that every single thing we go through, enables lessons and growth of ourself. These people are often people like me. People who have been through quite a lot in life so far.

But what I find these people struggle most with is forgiveness. What we need to see is that by holding onto the things that hurt, we are only engaging more energy into NOT growing. Forgiveness isn’t about forgiving the other person, it’s about accepting peace into your own life. It’s about seeing those bad things and how you handled them. It’s about looking objectively at the issue you faced and seeing how you grew from it. By seeing how you were able to grow into the stronger person you are now- you are enabling yourself to be grateful for the opportunity to grow.

This doesn’t mean that what happened wasn’t bad, or evil or disgusting. It means you have grown enough to see that thanks to that situation you are in a better position now. It means accepting the ‘thing’. That demon is the room. Its accepting it and saying thankyou for showing me how strong I am. Its thanking and letting go of the need to keep giving into that energy exchange and believe me, it is not only extremely hard to do, but also incredibly freeing.

Sometimes we aren’t able to see our growth until someone comes into our lives. Someone did that for me recently. That someone reached out for advice and helped not only themselves on their path of Forgiveness and growth, but also helped me personally to see how much more at peace I am than I was a few years ago with my own demons! So who was the teacher? Who was the student? It’s interesting isn’t it.

Other people we meet give us quick short sharp lessons. The lady in the petrol station who asked if I wanted my receipt and I snapped that I was too busy and ran off, only to find the food I bought was out of date and I couldn’t then return it. Some lessons are funny like that one.

Each person you meet, you were supposed to meet at the exact time and circumstance that you did. Why? Because you decided to, a very long time ago before you even incarnated. For what purpose? To grow.

So it begs me to question life. To question why we would meet people at a certain time and it feels like you should have known them for longer. Had more time. Made different choices that then included them. Wishing you had a lifetime more with them. Is that our physical brain coming into play with the ‘I wish’ and the ‘its not fair’ ‘if only’ ?? I believe so yes. I have amazing and wonderful memories of friendships, relationships and family gone past. I have hurt and pain and suffering from those very same people in those very same memories. I have people that have become some of the most important friends and soul family, I have come to have a round me in the last year, but at the same time this has not ditracted away from those I have loved & been friends with for 20 years. There is no competition. We do not know how long someone will be in our lives and so our job is just to embrace the friendship. Love that person and see the lessons, the positive ones and the constructive ones and then find peace with the teachings.

If anyone reading this thinks it gets any easier to do this as you get older, you are very mistaken. From the moment we are born to the moment we take our last physical breath, and return home- we are learning. Growing and pushing our boundaries. Sometimes we need others to give us the push and sometimes we are the ones pushing but what doe not factor into who the teacher is and who the student is- is age. With age comes experience but do not ever think that those older than you don’t learn anything. Often our lessons come from the most surprising and unexpected of places. Our Children for example. Then our Grandchildren and if we are lucky enough there will be more to learn from the great grandchildren too!

Try to stop questioning where things are going. What the friendship is for or where the destination will be. Because the true destination is where we are right now. This very moment because once it has passed? A new journey opens up. Nothing is solid or forever. Nothing except for our soul so treat it well. Treat it with kindness and nurture that little spark inside of you. Allow it to grow and be proud as it does.

The universe beams at the sight of you all, so shiny and old and new and growing. There is as much beauty in seeing a brand new plant shoot fight it’s way out of the earth, as there is in the beauty of the tallest oldest majestic oak. The only difference? Time. So Stop rushing and just let yourself grow at your own pace as it’s the only pace you have. Anything else is energy wasted on not growing.

Much love as always xx nici xx


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