Im Not normal. Thankfully.


I Couldn’t have put it better.
I’m sure most of us have been through those moments of trying to fit in with others, trying to dull the glitter unicorn sparkle a little so that you can blend a little better. Problem with that is, by dulling your sparkle you only let yourself down.

Being yourself is one of the hardest things to be, which is hilarious as it’s truly the only person you CAN BE!

I often look at my clothes and think I should make more effort to be more like the other mums, past 30 now- time to grow up and wear ‘grown up’ mum clothes… time to dye my hair a more natural colour….time to stop saving up towards that next tattoo… there are so many things I look at and think ‘time to’ but the one I should be saying is ‘time to be me’

I am not what is defined as normal. I have shaved hair that was purple a few days ago but is now copper. On Sunday it will be blonde! (Fingers crossed) I change my hair more often than my son changes his socks….

I am not normal. I love baggy jeans and t shirts, I love biker boots and backless tops. I love shorts and hippy maxi dresses. I hate any type of clothing that is restrictive such as blouses. Or shirts. You will not see me in office clothing- even when I worked in an office!

I am not normal. I hate restrictive clothing but love tight dresses. If you work that one out let me know.
I believe in dressing up to go out on the town. But I am guaranteed to have shown the world my undies within an hour, because I may do a good impression of a lady but I’m really no good at being one.

I’m not normal. I love tattoos and piercings. I design tattoos but can’t give them away as want them all on me!

I’m not normal- I talk to dead people and they make a lot more sense than most of us a lot of the time.

But jeez. Thank GOODNESS I’m NOT normal!  We are all unique and I for one am thankful for it.

When we constantly strive to fit in, we are either dulling down, dumbing down or acting out to try to seem MORE like some other ideal. That’s not a mask we can wear all day every day without it beginning to slip.

I’m an intelligent, philosophical, strong, independent, vulnerable, girly, stroppy, energetic, bouncy, shy, happy and loud, quiet and deep- walking contradiction. I am imperfectly perfect and there is absolutely nothing normal about me. I am proud of who I am and once you get to that place of just being you and allowing others to see you shine, that’s when your real beauty becomes visable. That’s when you attract the right people into your life. Because guess what? They are attracted to your truth.

I am not normal. – what is normal anyway?
I don’t want to be – why would I ?
I don’t pretend to be- who says I should?

I AM ME. take it or leave it.

Much love as always xx Nici xx


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