Visualising the steps and then dancing them!


While reading through my emails this morning, a word kept popping up. Visualise.

I had been thinking alot about last night, about watching a wonderful couple , Annette and Colin Blann, who I am proud to call friends, stand and give a talk on spirituality and their lives. About how proud I am of them and how much strength it takes to get up there and speak your truth in front of strangers & just be true to you. Colin had mentioned my blog towards the end of the evening, in relation to a Facebook group he runs, and I was so surprised to hear others speaking of my blog posts!? That they had read them and Jackie, the wonderful lady who runs Positive Living Group in Southampton- explaining to others about one of my posts in particular!
To be honest, I was really shocked and taken aback that other people read these ramblings of mine! I know I have supportive friends and family who take the time to read these and I love them for that. But to have the realisation that ‘other’ people read them too- well I wasn’t expecting that one! Haha.
So, as I said, I had been thinking a lot about that this morning and after this word ‘visualise’ kept popping up randomly all morning- I decided to thank Spirit and accept it was one to focus on. To focus on visualising.

On my way home from the talk last night a fox crossed my path and I took note of this. It’s not unusual to see foxes in my neighbourhood but this gorgeous girl crossed the road in front of me and then sat and watched me drive past. Again, I thanked spirit and sent my thoughts up for more information on this. When I got home and had a Google this was given to me.

“Set a determined, and powerfully focused mindset in order to accomplish your desires” -Fox

This was a quote given on the Web page I was looking at, and after further reading, the page advised that the quote is randomly generated to fit the person who lands there. How beautiful!
So, Focused mindset- accomplish your desires. Hmm. OK spirit I see a theme here.

Anyway, back to this morning and once I took note of this word ‘visualise’ a song began popping into my head too…Proud by Heather Small. A piece of that song stood out to me so here it is-

Proud Lyrics
I look into the window of my mind
Reflections of the fears I know I’ve left behind
I step out of the ordinary, I can feel my soul ascending
I’m on my way, can’t stop me now and you can do the same, yeah

What have you done today to make you feel proud?
It’s never too late to try
What have you done today to make you feel proud?

Is it just me or am I receiving a well meaning and loving- kick up the behind?

By being open to seeing the syncronicities in life, I am able to receive the messages I require, when I require them. They happen to me all the time but I only focus in on some of them, because I am meant to!

In my eyes, If we constantly looked for those signs, we would be forever stuck in the house waiting for a sign to say whether to do this or that! To explain, it’s only when I decide I want help on something, that I begin to see the syncronicities. I have set my intentions that way. It’s how I work personally. Everyone is different and every one of us works in other beautiful ways, but for me- as a busy mum of 4 children, I have to set limits. Being spiritual is a normal flowing part of my life, just as it should be and with all things in life there needs to be boundaries. One such boundary for me is that it’s only when I am relaxing in the bath, that I welcome inspiration, messages and answers to the questions I ask. It may seem weird for some but for me, it’s one of the only times each day that I am undisturbed and able to be truly open to my own self, my guides and my loved ones in spirit. They don’t ‘see’ me naked in the bath, I am a spark of light energy as they see my soul, my spirit- not my physical! When spirit tell me what they look like or are wearing, they are merely describing how they looked when here on earth’s vibration, they explain the clothing that a loved one would remember. Or a haircut that would describe them to provide the evidence that they are, in fact still around. But in real terms, they are energy vibrations, just as we all are. They aren’t stood there in the powder blue twin set, because they don’t have a physical body! But they can impress that upon me to help me to communicate their love to their family.

I’ve just stopped to read through my post as it seems disjointed to me, and I wanted to stay on topic, however in doing so I realise that actually it all makes perfect sense! Visualise! This is exactly what we do when we describe spirit, or guides or our own higher self. We visualise.

So what am I being guided towards? Why am I being given these things? What is my kick up the rear regarding?

It’s because I’m ready now. I’ve spent the last few months doing very little spiritual work. I put a hold on giving readings to others, I put a hold on pushing any philosophy, only writing when feeling an absolute need,  or face losing sleep.

But I am ready to step back up. The ground beneath me is steady and solid again. I feel balanced within my self and able to reignite the passion I have. Just one problem! It’s terrifying. Ego has spent quite some time in my head over the last 6 months and now comes the hard task of learning to embrace myself again and quieten that devil on my shoulder who says ‘you cant’
Time to look that little devil straight in the eye and say ‘watch me!’

So what have I done today to make me feel proud?
I have visualised my steps forward and I am seeing that the path is alot less scary with spirit by my side!

Thank you to the fox last night. Thank you to the syncronicities that I am blessed to see. Thank you to the universe for gently and lovingly reminding me that I am supported, I am loved and I am worth hearing.

I am proud of me and its time to move forward.


One thought on “Visualising the steps and then dancing them!

  1. Love, acceptance, gratitude, confidence, good intent, compassion, tolerance, empathy, compromise using positivity and much needed laughter in our lives. Laughter is the key to many aspects of healing; something we all possess the capacity to do. Through pleasure or pain all these attributes lead to Spirit. Love you Nici. ❤ XXXX

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