The Windows of the soul.


Ever since I was a child I have always wanted to donate my organs if anything were to happen to me.

Of course we all die a physical death eventually, that ‘something’ will inevitably happen but I wanted it clear, that if something unexpected happened to me and I was unable to state my choice, that everyone would know my wishes. It’s now on my drivers licence which makes things much easier of course!

Whenever we have discussed the plan of organ donation, my mum drummed it into me that the only part of me I should consider carefully about choosing to donate, was my eyes. Why is that you may ask? Well it’s simple really.

The eyes are the window to your soul.

There is great debate over where that saying came from, some suggest Shakespeare, De Vinci, but in fact it dates back centuries! So why are the eyes so important?

The eyes are the place where the truth is spoken. You can smile with your entire face but to be truly happy that smile must reach the eyes. Eyes show our pain, our love, our sorrow, our fear. The determination to tackle and overcome, the gentle and soft emotions of the human condition- these are all seen in the eyes and that reaches right down into your very being. It’s the closest any of us can currently get to proof of the spark of the devine universe within each of us! On top of that, There is now scientific evidence to explain the differences of the iris within individuals and that those differences do indeed indicate the type of person you are.

The window to your soul.

So growing up, I naturally felt an aversion to donating that very special part of me. It felt as if by donating my eyes I would be giving my soul to another. Looking back I can now see how that makes no sense but all I knew as a child, was how I felt with the information I had at the time. That’s the wonderful thing about seeking knowledge. You broaden your outlook!

However, even as an adult I still felt this unease about donating my ‘eyes’ that is, until one very special person flipped my perception completely on its head! Oh I do love my friends!

At a spiritual debate night we all got talking about this subject. I explained my feelings and my friend, James- simply turned to look at me and said something so simple and brilliant that I couldn’t argue it.

“The window into someones soul is their eyes, so if you give them to someone else then you are giving them the gift of people being able to see into their soul too”

I mean seriously. I may have sworn at him for that one. He Absolutely flipped my perception on its head within 30 seconds. A perception that I have carried for 30 odd years, was in that moment- ground to dust. He continues to do this to me regularly and is a truly beautiful soul with such love and compassion for the world around him. His life has enabled him to see from another perspective, just as mine has enabled my own views too.

Sometimes all we really need is fresh eyes. A person who can see differently to you, to open us up to a whole other thought process that otherwise, we would have missed.

And of course, you aren’t really donating your eyes- just a small part of them that would enable another to have those same opportunities. To see within the moment, to take in the beauty all around them and that is truly a beautiful gift to be able to give.

But the real beauty is closing those eyes and really seeing. I am so blessed to have the people I have in my life. The ones who help me to see the day with fresh vision.


Because if you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.


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