Love & Light and everything in between.

Not sure if I’ve written about this before so going to chat away and see where we go.

When you are a spiritual person that automatically makes you someone who gets on with every single person you meet.
You automatically feel at one with each interaction. You send love to every soul and that’s because you automatically have a higher understanding that, we are all one and therefore by hurting another- you are only hurting yourself.

Are any of you thinking ‘what on earth is she on about??’ Yet?

Exactly. None of the above statements are true. Becoming more in tune with yourself does NOT make you automatically a whiter than white angel of the other realms. Do you know why? Because it isnt supposed to work that way!

Take scouts for example. You don’t get a badge just for turning up. (As far as I know!)
You get to grips with a challenge, you learn more about it. You have a go, you practise. Then you hopefully achieve a good enough understanding & skill to gain your badge.

That’s life in a nutshell really.

It’s the same with people. Each of us is of the same universal energy, yes of course we are. But each of us is also at differing levels of understanding that very concept.
Some will never get to grips with it. Some will be skeptical. Some believe in something completely different and some have a wonderful understanding and use that understanding in their daily lives. We are all different whilst still being the same. That’s what makes it so exciting and fun and challenging and wonderful.

You may have become increasingly interested in what these spiritual people are all about. That interest leads you to learn more. You take the bits that sit well with you and you run with it. You begin to maybe practice a little meditation and find that it makes you feel good! And so starts the journey.

When I first started speaking to others in forums about their spiritual journey, everyone would write ‘love & light’ at the end of their comments. So I did it too. However. Saying it isn’t believing it or being it ! Just because 20 other people feel the need to say love and light, doesn’t mean you should, just because you think it would be wrong not to….we are all different. All at varying levels of understanding.

The same goes for physically meeting people too. You will not gel with everyone. It’s not human to. Our differences are what make us amazing. You may feel drawn to some people and not to others. That doesn’t make you a non spiritual person- however, pretending or forcing a bond that shouldn’t be there isn’t exactly great for your growth, it’s always a great lesson though!! (Growth!)
Some people for example seem to attract drama, it’s likely that they have current life lessons being taught. They may not understand that actually, their energy attracts what it is sending out. That is just the way it is for some. They are on their journey and you are on yours.
You make a choice whether to enter into that energy or not. It’s not rude to simply decide you don’t need that type of person on your path. It may be that they presented themselves as something very different to begin with, it may be that they said ‘love and light’ a lot and therefore you assume that they understand the meaning behind that. Most importantly- it doesn’t make them, or you! A bad or non spiritual person for not gelling with them, or making the decision that having that connection is no longer best for you.

Your intentions and How you react creates the growth or lessons needed at that time. If you continually send love to a person who you feel ‘needs’ it, just because you didn’t gel or because they weren’t who you thought they were, or because you have felt wronged by them in some way – is that not judging them? Is that not keeping the energies between you open and strong? Learn to accept that you will not get on with everyone and that is okay. Learn to accept that people enter our lives for a reason and then are off on their way again. Learn to let go and send them off on their way- wishing the best for them. Learn to stop engaging your energies in discussing them and why you don’t get on or what you feel is ‘wrong’ with them. You are only serving to make your life more difficult. 

I have quickly learnt that being the best you can be with the understanding you have, and the hunger to learn more- is what gets you on your way to being a more spiritual person. Gaining more understanding. Learning the basics. The history behind the spiritual movement. Exploring the theories behind so much of what we are now finding to be realities!

Because, The more you grow, the more you begin to get to grips with this thing called life. The more you get to grips with it, the more you begin to feel genuine happiness and love towards one another. The less you fear, the less you judge and the more you accept that we are all just a tad different and all make up the infinite, beautiful facets of that universal crystal. Little sparks of light bouncing off each other. And that is a wonderful thing to learn.

And learn we must. Please try to remember that we are here to learn, here to experience ALL  and here to enjoy, feel, grow and love- it’s really not all sparkles and unicorns and ever lasting sunsets otherwise we’d already be the other side of life. It’s human life and it’s here for the taking.

Gain control of your self, your thoughts, your intentions and your energy and learn how to use it, learn how to accept that you are human and on a special journey that is just for you! Then you will be on that path to being the best that you can become.


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