Platform? It’s a maybe!

You may recall that I wrote a post about personal responsibility and platform work a while back in relation to training and mediumship.
Well on Friday just gone, myself and several others had the opportunity to step forward and work at an open platform evening. This was held at the spiritual centre I attend and the same centre that is also run by my spiritual teacher and friend Annette Blann and her husband Colin Blann.
These types of evenings are so important to mediums that are learning. They are specifically for those who have been training and practicing either within circles or on their own and the point of the evening is to have the opportunity to stand in front of an audience and pass messages from spirit to loved ones. The difference to a full demonstration being that every member on these nights is aware that you are learning and fairly new to giving messages and that this is a training exercise and for the medium to gain experience. You are not expected to get everything exact and you are welcomed in a warm loving, encouraging, environment of friends who wish to help you gain more experience to further your mediumship. Practice practice practice! I have always been on the fence about platform mediumship, not because I don’t have faith in my abilities- but instead because I would be mortified to not be able to do the person in spirit justice due to inexperience, nerves, panic and all the things that come with platform work! Some people relish in the exciting energy but for me I am so so concerned with making sure the communication is clear, precise, uplifting and evidential that it has caused me to shy away from ‘performing’ in that arena.
However, as soon as I was made aware of the opportunity, I knew I would be working that night. But I didn’t put myself forward for the open platform until a few days beforehand, due to the battle within myself. The good old ego vs intuition battle!
I had spirit come to me all week in dreams, meditations and even cooking dinner- reminding me that I WILL be working. I was guided to wear a particular dress and I was shown an image of myself- on platform, at the centre delivering a message. Okay okay, I get it spirit! The boot up the behind always comes with a shove when I’m ready to do something but ego is holding me back.
So that was that really! I messaged my teacher and friend and asked to be added to the list. (I also volunteered my good friend Natalie too haha)
I made a conscious effort to not enter into my negative ego power talk. The one who tells me I’m crazy for doing this. The one who tells me I am not good enough. The one who tells me I will stand up and have nothing. The one who tells me I will stand up and trip and every person in the audience will get to see what my underwear choices were for that day…

What I did instead was to listen to binary meditations. Subliminal affirmation’s that reminded my mind that I can do this. I worked on my format and remembering to ask spirit my questions in order. I asked my guides to work with me and to help keep me upright. I asked for guidance and received. I was proactive. Of course Ego still jumped up and down having a ‘listen to me’ tantrum but I decided to sit within my power instead of my weakness and endeavour to do spirit, the centre, My teacher, and most importantly – Me, proud.
To some, doing one open platform night and giving one message may seem like no big deal. But for me, it was a massive step forward in my learning. I am stepping forward and wanting to put what I am learning, in practice and the only way to do that is to learn. to seek the answers, to learn format and how to deliver messages, to learn your public responsibility on what can be said in public work and what is more suited to private work. Only once ready- should you put those lessons into practice. Starting out on an open platform is perfect for that. It gives Plenty of encouragement, feedback and lessons to take forward. Doing one or 2 open platforms or a service or 2 certainly doesn’t make you a working platform medium. That is a really important point to be remembered. But it does give you small steps forward each time, working towards learning how best you can work and serve spirit.
Every person who got up and delivered that night learnt valuable lessons to take forward. I learnt a lot about me and how insecure I am. How much I seek approval and how I am seeking it from the wrong place. I also learnt how others perceive me to be something very different to how I feel inside! I learnt that actually, the moment I stand up, the only people that become important are the spirit communicator and the receiver. The rest of the audience become secondary while that message is given and my focus needs to not be on how others feel about the message I am giving from spirit, but actually how the receiver is feeling! My Job in that moment is to be the voice for the loved one in spirit and to pass across those messages to that person. To bring them loving evidence of their family member or friend. To show that they are there and that they are around that person. To share in the proof that life continues- one person at a time. If the rest of the audience is able to take something from that- amazing!! But the focus is the same as in a private reading. Evidence, upliftment and love!
Now if I could give a message to someone other than my own teacher that would be great please next time! Talk about terrifying! But also amazing and I am so blessed and proud to have had the opportunity to share a little of her loved one and their lives that continue on, together.

So summing up! Platform? It’s a maybe!


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