Happy Birthday Dad!


It’s my Dad’s birthday tomorrow. He’s going to be the big 6-0!

60 long years since he was born on that July in 1955, in Kirkaldy, Fife. It was a difficult birth and back in those days C- section’s were rare, but it was necessary for the lives of both my Gran and my Dad. In honour of the amazing doctor who performed such a miracle, my dear old dad was named after him.
In my dad’s family, many have the middle name of Campbell in honour of our previous roots before marrying into the Graham Clan. Dad’s miracle birth changed that and he was (I believe) the only of 7 children to not hold the Campbell name. In honour of that tradition each of my children have a Scottish root name within theirs and my youngest carries the Campbell middle name too.

He has 3 beautiful daughters and a wonderful wife, my mum. He has 8 biological grandchildren and 2 step grandchildren. He is so blessed and proud of each and every single one of them!!

But here’s the thing. We should be arranging some massive knees up like we had for his birthday BBQ many years ago, what an amazing evening that was!! . We should be sneaking around, inviting family and friends from near and far to celebrate such a big event- I mean, turning 60 is no mean feat!

It turned out that Dad’s big birthday BBQ, with the giant 10 gallon drum BBQ and the ginger tartan wig and the massive tin of beans, would be the last birthday we would get to spend with him here. He passed to spirit suddenly, nit long after that party. He never got to physically meet any of his grandchildren. He never got to walk his girls down the aisle. He never got to physically be at each of the family meals we’ve organised on his birthday, every year since he passed.

But I know he has been with each of us, every single day. He’s been there when each of his grandchildren came into the world. He got to meet them before they were even born. He walked beside each of us as we walked down the aisle, regardless of whether he liked the groom or not! Haha. He gives us love every single day and shows us, in his own funny ways that he’s with us.

I’ve been given yellow roses in messages from dad several times and a few days ago, I decided to go & buy some in honour of his birthday. I explained last night to my husband, that I wanted to visit the garden centre over the weekend and my 2 year old, who was sat drinking his bedtime milk- turned and said ‘for Gandad!’ I hadnt mentioned it to anyone and he could not have known that, unless Dad had told him. That was message number one.

We were meant to go to the garden centre as a family but my husband had a headache so i suggested he stayed home. I asked the children if any of them wanted to come with me and 2 of them decided theyd like to come. So off to the garden centre we went and sifted through the patio roses. 2 for £15 kept screaming at me but for some reason I was drawn to just one plant and picked it up, deciding not to take them up on the offer. Having picked up a few items that I loved, I went to the check out and saw an ice cream freezer- usually I ignore them but today was a good day and I suggested the 3 of us got ice cream. After the total rang up on the cash register I laughed. £60 spot on. If we had all gine it would have been a different price. Thanks dad! Go to a garden centre for 60th birthday flowers and dad send’s a message he is right there with us. Message number 2.

At home I was sat in the garden admiring my new roses & felt the need to count the blooms. I wasn’t sure why but was drawn to count them. 19 blooms. 19 years since dad passed to spirit and 19 long birthdays without him. I didnt know at the time but i had chosen that plant for a reason. Dad nodded me towards them and knew I would ‘get it’ Message number 3!

I don’t often look for signs and symbols and numerology but today- Dad decided to give me that shove to let me know that every single day, he is right here with me. Right here with us all and never truly left.

Thanks for today Dad. Special memories even if I can’t have that hug. Xxx


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