The story so far

Have I ever told you how I came to be developing my abilities?

I joined a psychic/ mediumship free reading page back at the beginning of 2014. On this page, seasoned and also new mediums would link into a picture of someone who had passed away and give messages from spirit, to the person who posted the picture. So, not really believing fully, I posted a picture of my late father. I kept bumping my picture but had no joy, so decided to remove the picture and uploaded a picture of my Nan instead. While bumping her picture one day, I was scrolling through a sea of faces. Other peoples mums and dads, brothers and sisters, friends and family, I felt quite emotional about it to be honest. All these memories. All these smiles and happy times of those people who were once here with us. A lady had posted a picture of a group sat on the stairs in her house. I felt really drawn to it and all of a sudden I could see an extra man in the picture! Without thinking, I started to type. I felt tingly and dizzy. My heart was racing! I started to feel overcome by a feeling in my head and having personally suffered a TIA in the past, I thought i was having another. But a funny thing happened. As i began to explain these feelings and physical symptoms to the lady who posted the picture, The feelings lifted and were replaced with new ones. I realised at that moment that I was actually feeling the ladies grandfather! I was giving a message from spirit! I can still remember that day as if it were yesterday. Confusion, fear, excitement, exhilaration, as one by one, my comments were validated. It was truly amazing and I couldnt believe i was doing it!

A few days later, my picture was read too. This time by a seasoned Medium, Annette Blann. I was in complete awe of this lady and how she knew the things she did about my Nan and our family! For a few months, I began reading pictures, practicing, learning about opening to spirit and grounding. Re educating myself on all the things I already knew. I became an admin for the page for a little while but chose to leave in the end after realising I was no longer reading anyones pictures.

Some people say theyve always felt spirit. Some have been aware since being born. Some have wonderful stories of always knowing but being too afraid to embrace their gifts. I have no exciting back story to tell. My father passed away suddenly when I was 13. I felt him around but always believed it to be my own brain comforting me. I am very science and logic based in my understanding of the world around me, so this kind of thing? no way! I was an avid atheist after my father passed. Believing that there cannot be a ‘God’ that would take a wonderful man away from a young family. I had many incidents of spirit encounters in my home. But instead of believing, I chose to believe the logic that if our personal energy is strong enough, we ourselves can move objects and create what appear to be, spirit encounters.

So all of this ‘stuff’ was just crazy. Me? someone who was an interested¬†skeptic, giving messages from the spiritworld? just crazy. I plucked up the courage to go and visit the spiritual centre that Annette Blann and her husband Colin, run. I was a little star struck by this lady who had not only given me a message, but who I had seen and learnt so much from via the reading page in the previous few months!! Little did I know, that we would become firm friends and that she is just as ‘normal’ as me…but at the time? I didnt know how to speak to her, whether to hug her or shake her hand or what! Thats really funny looking back now.

Its been an amazing, hard, inspiring and educational 18 months and I cant believe where I am now compared to just 18 months ago! Ive attended workshops, stood up at platform fledgling nights, watched mediums work, watched friends develop their awesome abilities, read cards at a charity event. given private readings and while working with a now great friend, Natalie, even hosted a psychic party with 11 sitters! Its been a crazy time and I am so so blessed to have started on this long old journey and plan to enjoy every single opportunity and experience. I cant wait to be writing something similar to this in 10 years and being able to look back on it all with happiness and excitement!

I said in the beginning of this journey, that I would never stand on platform until i would be proud to receive a message from me. Last weekend Myself and Natalie took the Sunday service at the spiritual centre that has given us so much.

It was amazing, exciting, terrifying but honestly? the best feeling in the world. I take my learning and development seriously. I pore over books and research and learn about those great mediums that began the Spiritual movement. I am blessed to have a teacher who believes in me. I am blessed to LOVE learning, and intend on learning all I can about how ‘this’ works. Why? Because I have a purpose. I have the beautiful job of getting to show others that spirit do exist. That your brother, sister or mother is right there beside you and that there is nothing supernatural about it. That there is no hocus pocus involved, just science. Science in the fact that we continue to exist on a different, higher frequency after we leave our psychical body.

My amazing job is that I get to speak to spirit and help THEM to prove they are there. I thought it was about being proud to give a message to someone still here, or being proud of myself. But after thinking (hence this post) I realise that actually, the point is to make spirit proud of how you communicate THEM to their loved one. I know spirit are proud of me and that is the point. To feel other peoples family members and be honoured to get to show them as they were and are, is the best feeling in the universe and one I hope to continue doing for a very long time! I see so many avenues opening to me as time goes on and it doesnt need to all happen now! Life unfolds as we stroll along and I am happy to wait and see what surprises are in store next.

But for now? I will continue learning, it never ever stops so its impossible to ever think you are done learning. I will say yes to opportunities that present themselves and I will enjoy sharing spirits existence, Because after all, thats the point.


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