Blessings from Spirit.

I was blessed recently to have a really insightful conversation with one of my guides. All my conversations with them are insightful and deep but this, was a perfect conversation of me asking a question and him replying in a way I totally understood! Our bond is growing and it’s beautiful to see and feel. Also, I’ve missed him a little! He’s been in the background for some months now, while other guides step forward to help and guide with stuff that’s been going on. So it was lovely to get back to basics with my amazing, wise, sarcastic and beautiful friend.

For those of you that are on your path of development (we all are but not all of us are aware of it) It’s funny isn’t it, just when you get used to working in a certain way and feeling comfortable with it,  suddenly it all switches up a gear or changes! I had gone from seeing, hearing and sensing spirit, to purely working intuitively with feeling spirit and just knowing. Its hard work! And it made me stamp my feet and have a hissy fit if I’m honest. I had been enjoying how spirit worked with me and I guess had become comfortable. But Heaven forbid you get stuck in a comfort zone!

So I asked him. I asked what on earth is going on? Why am I now working in this way.

When I saw him, he was sat on a white leather sofa in my beautiful white lounge that I keep seeing in my minds eye. He was just there in all his native glory, feathers and all, doing paperwork! What an odd sight to see. But it makes sense to me now. He was doing the groundwork required. Crossed i’s and dotting t’s. Something I had become lazy with recently. He showed me my owl tattoo that I am currently designing and drew my attention to the quote that will be incorporated into the design.

‘A wise old owl sat in an oak;
The more he saw the less he spoke;
The less he spoke the more he heard;
Why can’t we all be like that wise old bird?’

I know the quote well. It was given to me by spirit about a year ago, but at the time I just liked it. Now I understand it’s relevance to me and why it’s so important to remember it’s meaning.

The reason I have changed how I’m working is because I has stopped listening to myself. I had become so dependant on hearing and seeing spirit, that I had lost the ability to really feel them. Yes I could give evidence of spirit. But where was the love? Where was the message from them. Where was the emotion? A message from spirit should have 2 parts.

1. Evidence to prove who you have with you.
2. The message to their loved one that they had spent their energy lowering themselves to come and give!

If he could have slapped me in the forehead with a ‘and there it is!’ Moment, he would have. I certainly saw that smug look from him!

We discussed about how as a scout, his most important job was to be silent and feel. The quieter he was, the more he could sense what was ahead. He had such an important and honourable task within his people. The gift of travelling ahead and picking up with his senses and feelings what was needed to be taken back to his tribe. He became completely a part of mother earth and could sense and feel her changes. The gentle change in the wind that told of dangers ahead. When you become totally silent and in touch with your own self and aware of all around you and within you, you become able to hear more, see more and sense more above all the human senses. He showed me this by getting me to completely silence myself and then listen. I could hear everything in HD! In super sonic superhuman senses.

This is his gift to me. A little nugget of information to help me to strengthen my core intuition and really get to the grit of being the best medium I can be for spirit and in spirits name. I have to use ALL the senses available to me. Starting with the most important muscle of all. My gut. Time to get working that muscle!

Thank you spirit!


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