Soul reactions

This morning and for many weeks, I’ve been drawn to the Phoenix. That beautiful, magical, mythical creature of rebirth.

In Greek mythology, a phoenix is a long-lived bird that is cyclically regenerated or reborn.
Associated with the sun, a phoenix obtains new life by arising from the ashes of its predecessor. When it nears the end of its life cycle, it is said that a phoenix builds a nest and sets it alight, burning itself to ashes within its nest, from which it’s new self is reborn. In some stories, the new phoenix creates an egg from its old ashes and this is taken to the Egyptian City of Heliopolis or City of the sun in Greek.

As well as being drawn to This truly majestic creature I have also been given an awful lot of nods towards mythology in general.

The Bible in fact, has been shown to me as further evidence of Mythology. A passing down of stories if you will. A collection of symbolism that would have forever been lost unless recorded and handed down through the generations. As a side note, I am not religious as most of you are aware. However Theology fascinates me and always has. That legend or myth of a man who could heal others with just his hands and his faith. That man who could manifest anything he wished to have for others, into reality- simply because he was aware that our ‘reality’ was an illusion. I believe Jesus himself was and is a very real person who existed. One of the first healers to incarnate on earth and still having his words spoken many years later. The Bible to me, is a very different matter and has been amended many many times, to suit those that wish to control with fear, disguised as worship and faith. But enough about that. Why am I speaking about Jesus I hear you asking? He was a phoenix unto himself! At the end of his cycle here, he died and was reborn. To rise from his own ashes to become that which we now know him as, a symbol. Of course the writings about this rebirth is very different to how I describe it here, but the elements of the Myth are very much the same, in sentiment at least.

I had been fairly perplexed that I was being given the phoenix, as to me, this bird is a creature of complete destruction in order for rebirth to occur. That concerned me within my every day human life as I’m sure it would others! What on earth did this mean was going to be happening to me? Of course I knew it did not mean literal death, but none the less- it raised unease within.

This week I have been given the phoenix 3 times along with numerology with a similar message. Number 13 in various forms has been seen this week and with it the message of blessings in disguise. Blessings that help to realign you to your soul purpose and ‘to not be afraid to take on new ventures and projects as now is an auspicious time to take new directions in your life’ interesting stuff!!

So why the phoenix? Why such a dramatic symbol? Well, it’s funny how my intuition gives me information that my soul is screaming at me to hear and to be fair, occasionally my higher self has to have a flare for the dramatic for me to truly pay attention.

Just as the phoenix burns it’s old self to Ashes in order to be reborn, so too must we endure difficulties or pain in order to align ourselves to where we truly should be. Change can be uncomfortable. Especially when we take a step out of our comfort zone. The phoenix to me is a symbol of faith and endurance. A symbol of knowing that no matter the discomfort we experience, we shall rise out of those experiences, better able. Wiser. Stronger and more importantly, with new growth to set us on our way. It is not a complete destruction of old beliefs, but rather a reconstruction. The phoenix came to me with a message for all. Just as he burns his old self away, he is reborn FROM those ashes. He is reconstructed with the old self and creates the new self, based on those foundations. You do not need to throw away that which you had previously believed, but rather, you can use it as foundations of strength to push forward with your new belief structure’s. Renewed faith. Renewed self. Renewed confidence in the fire and flame and spark of magic, that exists within.


As with all things I am given, I am often given more than one stream of thought to run away with. Within the Phoenix symbology, I was also given something much more modern. The fire triangle! Odd I know, but stay with me as it’s actually pretty awesome. To create a fire what do we need? The fire triangle illustrates the three elements a fire needs to ignite: heat, fuel, and an oxidizing agent (usually oxygen).


These 3 elements create what is required for a chain reaction to occur, and thus fire is born. What has this to do with anything I’ve been talking about? Well, this triangle is something I have been given to apply to my own growth.

The 3 elements I require to set off my own spark of fire or passion to propel me forward. My own chain reaction. Each of us will have a different ‘fire triangle’ with different elements required to set us off on our own journey, but mine?

Fuel- books, reading, knowledge, learning, writing, is my fuel.

Air- mother nature, grounding, meditation and silencing my mind are my air.

Heat- trust, faith, belief in ME are my fire.

These 3 elements are what I need to ignite my own chemical reactions within. Arming myself with the Knowledge of old, the truth of all that is, and the confidence that all is as it should be.

I’ve been given those elements to work on and interestingly, this was given around the same time that I confirmed my space on the next study course I am venturing into. Life coaching.

I see the changes occurring. I am fanning my inner flames and I will rise stronger, Wiser and more able, on the solid foundations of the ashes that came before.


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