5 steps to ‘Be’ing

1. Wake up with the sun.

One of the most important ways to just be you? Wake up early. When the world is quiet and the energy is still. Wake half an hour earlier than needed, drink a glass of cool water, smile!! and then…

2. Meditate.

Just set the intention to sit for 10 minutes. Observe your breathing, breathe deeply, breathe in the new day that you are so grateful for! If you find meditation difficult, just try sitting with your back straight, head level, close your eyes & observe the breath. Breathe deeply and meaningfully.

3. Write down your thoughts.

After spending those 10 minutes breathing in the new day, you will find your mind is much more awake than usual! Take 5 minutes to sit with a pen and paper, in the silence, just you and your ‘self’ and write down whatever comes out! It may be words or doodles, You will surprise yourself I promise!

4. Set the intention for the day.

What do you want to achieve today? Focus on what you can control- you! Focus only on today and what you will manage, not about the future or the past. Just today. Remember-No negativity of what you don’t want!!

5. Stretch it out.

You’ve woken your soul, your mind and your spirit. Now take some time to awaken the body that will house all that wonderful energy for the day ahead! A simple yoga Sun salutation would be perfect! Or just spending a few minutes wiggling and stretching from your teeny toes, right up to the top of your head. Awaken every muscle by making yourself aware of it, breathe into each muscle!


And….Wakey wakey!! All set up to Have a wonderful day!! Remember, our choices denote the life we lead. Try to form habits that are GOOD FOR YOU. 💖💖💖


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