Healing hearts.

There are many types of healers in the spiritual community. Some practise one type of healing only, some have hands in all sorts of healing pies. Some practise hands on healing, some hands off, some practice reiki, some are energy healers, some practice pressure healing. The list is honestly endless. We hear an awful lot about healers and many centres and churches also offer weekly healing too.

What I want to say about healers is that they are amazing people. Often with their own issues that they needed to, or are, working through which enabled them to see how important healers are, therefore then wanting to pass that knowledge on and help others. They likely completed a lot of hours of training and study to get them to a place of understanding anatomy, energetic flows, understanding the psychology of healing and what healing can potentially throw up, during the healing process. These people dedicated their time, heart and energy into making themselves proficient in their chosen area of study. The courses are not cheap either. They come with a price tag and I believe this is right and correct, in our current climate, to pay for any study, which would then entail you working on other people’s deepest ills that need healing. They pay insurance, they pay for their therapy goods such as beds, linen, towels, equipment. Business cards, advertising. All of these things cost money as well as the cost of the courses they chose to do. Being a healer isn’t just a case of getting up one day and deciding to heal people. That’s only the first step. The first in a long line of steps to get them to a place where they can share the wonderful knowledge they’ve learnt. We are so very blessed to have some amazing, dedicated healers around the globe and I am also very blessed to know some of them as friends too!

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to live in a world where healing knowledge was simply passed down. Where technique and practical advice was handed down from generation to generation for no cost, other than the cost of your time, energy and responsibility. We did live in a world such as this once, when the world was a lot smaller and all people in an area knew each other. I do feel we will live in that kind of world again in a distant future. But for now, we are many. Many people who do not truly know our neighbour, let alone know whether we can trust in someone who has healing abilities or where they learnt those abilities from. For now, We are ruled by the material world and money talks, qualifications talk and insurance talks. Actually a bit sad when you look at it that way.

But what I really wanted to say, before I went off on a tangent was that each of us is also a healer. No matter what you do in your daily life, if you bring a little joy into one persons life, you have helped to heal. As parents, you heal. As grandparents, you heal. As workers, you heal. When you help to provide someone with something they need- you help and you heal. Each time you pass down that story about something that happened today, you make a difference and you heal others.

When I write, I open myself up to listening to my soul. I write from the heart and I open it fully to being understood better. Writing helps to heal my own self and from discussing my work with others, I know it opens others to healing themselves too thus I am a healer within my work.

We are all teachers and all students in this thing we call life. Each of us has unlimited capacity to healing others and indeed, ourselves. Whether you are a social worker, or a shop worker, or a certified healer, or a medium, or a stay at home parent, or a jewellery maker or you work in insurance! Each of us brings joy to another every single day. We also can bring sadness too within the boundaries of our jobs but, those experiences are what make us appreciate the joy of each moment even more, providing we can be open to it. Life is a fine balancing act of difficulties and joy, joy without difficulty would not help us to find more joy. We would have no appreciation of how wonderful life can be sometimes, if there wasn’t a little rain before the rainbow.

Healers are wonderful, giving people and we need more of those. But in the same vein, we need more people to realise that the ability to heal is within each soul. See more joy in the everyday. See how your interaction’s with others can bring them healing in a difficult situation for them. Be mindful about your interaction’s and how others bring you joy and healing in your daily life too!!

Healers are important, with the most important healer being? You.


2 thoughts on “Healing hearts.

  1. Very well said! I often think some clients expect miracles during session, not realizing it is their own work that will truly make the difference for we are just channels! Thank you for taking the time to explain such a simple but very often overlooked truth! Bliss & Grace from my heart to Yours

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    • Thank you for your kind words, it is so much more about inner healing and the inner work to be done and I was very aware of wanting to insure this was a clear and balanced piece. Healers are so so important, but we are each the most important healers to our own self. Blessings to you ❤


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