Advice from the self.

Be more present. It really is that simple.

Yes we know you are fascinated by us here in the spirit world and we love to give knowledge and guidance and proof that we are indeed, walking with you.
However. To fully embrace the life you chose to have this time, is what you are supposed to be doing.
There is no great mystery or special life purpose. Each soul has their very own purpose for reasons they chose. You aren’t supposed to be working it out. Theorising and philosophising on what your purpose is, just prevents you from living it!
You won’t understand it all until you return home to spirit. It is as simple as that. Some chose to know their exact purpose and to remember who they have been in lives before this one, but those souls are few and far between, and even those souls forget that they are there with purpose but also with knowledge to help the human experience, not to live as spirit amongst men.
And why do they blur these lines? Because they are spirit within the confines of a human body, with human emotions and ailments just as it should be. Even if they chose to remember sparks of the divine knowledge, they are still essentially- human, for now.

You decided and we decided, long ago to serve alongside each other this life. It was a mutual agreement for mutual benefit of soul growth. We aren’t going anywhere. Yes we do get called away to attend to other matters on occasion but you have a large network of guidance within the spirit realm and you are never alone. The reason you are struggling to exist within both the spiritual and the human is because you have blurred the lines. You cannot exist truly in the spirit until you are no longer held by the human body. It really is that simple. Yes, it’s amazing here, yes there are no human words to describe what it looks like where we exist. Yes we look forward to welcoming you back and hearing all about your experiences and whether you feel we achieved what you set out to. But your life there, is a blink of an eye here in spirit. Not that we have eyes but you know what I mean, the saying was for your benefit so don’t get padantic please.

But, just as a child who must learn to crawl before it can walk and then run, you too, must learn to be present in all the moments that make your experience there so rich and wonderful.

So in answer to your question, which let’s face it, was actually a whole host of questions within questions- you can feel more balanced and less foggy headed, by being fully present within each day. Instead of constantly seeing each thing as something to relate to spirit, see each day for the wonderful experience you get to have. You don’t need to tell us about it, we are right there living it with you! By all means, think about events philosophically in a moment that is suitable. But stop stopping with your day to then ‘sit & be’ to work out what that event meant. BE PRESENT with the children you chose to be a parent to, they chose you for a good reason. BE PRESENT in your learning WHEN you are doing it and only then. Each moment passes and then requires you to be present in that moment, not have your brain still thinking about learning that has now passed. ‘Carve out’ times that are suitable for your human body to spend time thinking and theorising but do not do this instead of being present in events that are happening around you. Those moments are what you are there for!! And you my sweet one, are missing the importance of them, in favour of wondering what the moment means. You will know what each moment means, if you  ARE FULLY PRESENT within each one.

You know all of this and I know how difficult you find it, you chose the type of person you would be for good reason and we are so pleased to see you using it as you had intended! But you asked the question and now you have the very simple answer. Stop. Stop getting caught up in the theory and start living in practice. When you are providing proof of spirit, of course BE in that moment and that energy. When you are mothering, BE in that moment and energy. When out with friends, BE in their company! Being is one of the hardest and most simple truths of your human experience.

Most importantly? Stop striving to BE in a place you cannot be until you return to it. The vibration will cause you dis-ease because your body is not designed to stay there for long. Mother earth is wondrous and magikal and she will cure your ills. We’ve already ready shared with you how.

Stop missing the vital moment’s that make life worth it.

BE FULLY PRESENT in each moment.

With ultimate love, as always,


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