Dust if you must.


This poem has been stuck in my head for around a 4-5 days now. It came to me, around the same time that I asked advice of spirit regarding why I’ve been feeling so out of sorts and not in my own head.

To begin with I thought it was about my children. It’s an old poem and I do most often associate it with parenthood because it’s those kinds of groups I see this poem in. However after having heard the first line or two in my head every morning for the past week nearly, I decided to search for the entire poem and sit with it.

It is about so much more. In fact it doesn’t once mention children within the poem at all. But what I do think it does is remind us of the child inside of each of us.

We get so bogged down with thing’s we ‘must’ be getting on with. The daily grind of shoulds and musts and we all too often forget all the other wonderful things we could be doing.

I’ve spent the morning de- cluttering and cleaning. All the while, what was on my mind? Getting stuck into another unit of my course. Pondering my explanation of the gifts that were bought to Jesus. Thinking how I could be spending some time listening to what my son has been doing on his animation, or hearing about the minecraft tutorial videos my daughter has been watching.

I don’t often find time to clean, because I have much more exciting things to be doing!! Yes I tidy every day and everything is kept reasonably up together. The dusting is one thing that rarely gets done and I often panic about the state of my house when visitors are coming. Don’t even ask about the skirting and door frames as I wouldn’t have a clue when I last wiped those down.

But that’s my point. My home is just that, a home. It is lived in and the carpets have proof of the drinks that were spilled in my children’s attempts to learn to drink with an open cup. My walls are marked with the fun and silliness of handstand’s and rolypolys. Of toys that have been thrown and caught, of furniture that has been moved to accommodate a home education corner.

My nan came with a message for me through a medium at the weekend. She basically reminded me about the dining chairs that need reupholstering. Haha. Thanks nan, yes they do. But as annoying as they are to me, I have to accept that I have growing children in my house. Things will get dented or broken by accident, carpets may well get stained, but with each mark or knock or stain is a memory of an event. Events that will become memories when my children have all too quickly, grown and flown the nest.

When I am 70, I want to look back on my life and know that I was never too busy to take it all in. Never too busy to listen and play and enjoy my children growing and my life along the way. I want to remember the enjoyment of life, not how clean my home was.

We can all relate this to our own lives. Working, cleaning, cooking, chores, shopping. These are all the same as dusting. Do what you must but remember to leave yourself time to do what you enjoy because after all, Life is for living.

Work when you must, clean when you can,  do the chores and the shopping. But what you MUST do is do those things that you say to yourself when you think ‘but wouldn’t it be better…..’

We all get bogged down with routine along the way, but there are 24 hours in each day, how many of those are you missing. Be fully in those precious minutes’s or hour’s, when you are doing your ‘wouldn’t it be better’ moments. Stop and take mental snapshots.

Embrace the stains or the bumps along the way- they are the memories of the moments, you did something amazing.


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