Honour thy mother.

When did you become so intent on knowing the answers to everything?

It is so inconceivable to you to not know how something works or why something is as it is.

Even in meditation. You feel the need and the urge to rationalise, to interpret. To find alternative meaning to that which you felt and knew the moment an image or a being, or a thought filled your mind.

You saw a panther as you joined me. You know what the panther means to you and to your soul. You know the magic that he possesses. Yet you feel the need to search out others opinions or views on what the panther means to another. You seek out validation that what you felt in truth, was in fact truth.

This is not what is called sitting in your power….

When you joined me you were aware of the silence. The all encompassing silence that filled the air and yet you felt the urge to speak, to ask questions.

The answers were right there within that silence but your mind is too busy trying to find the answers that it fails to see the truth staring it square in the face.

You saw the horizon. The mountains, the trees. You recognised the land upon which you stood. The land of our great nation from which we all come from and the land each of us return to. The mother.

There was once a time that leaders were those who had great knowledge and little worldly goods, they had that which they needed, provided by mother earth.

There was once a time when trade was to share a gift of food in return for shelter. To share healing to a stranger who offered protection from an oppressor.

Now, those in power are those with the least knowledge but the greatest worldly goods?? How does this make sense.

The mother has many times opened her wounds to show her pain. But those in power have no knowledge of the mother or how to work in harmony with the gifts she provides us. Those with that knowledge were oppressed and thought simple minded.

There will come a time when the wounds will become too fatal and for her own survival, the great mother will return to her deep sleep to heal and protect her body. These will be dark times for many but a time of rejoice for the minority of those who have heard her cries for help.

There is no talk of the end. Only new beginnings. Mother earth will find her way.

Find the silence and become at peace with the breath. Take in the views and the silent messages that are being provided to you for your future growth and knowledge.

All the answers that you seek are already deep within the core of your spirit. Speak out only in truth of that which is within. Stand tall in your own power, knowing that you cannot be broken, for you stand in your honour and integrity and in your truth.

Deepen your connection to your own inner knowing’s and that of the ancient knowledge afforded to all.

That which sits waiting to be heard, in the silence.


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