Meeting myself.

What we receive in meditation really does depend on the intention we set and the energy we sit in. I’m going to share a meditative experience I had recently, based on sitting in my own energy. My own power. It is pretty unusual to receive such crystal clear imagery for me to be able to recite the experience, so therefore I felt it was necessary to share it with you all.

After sitting and concentrating purely on my breath, I was guided to sit within a bubble. As I sat within my own power, I received the golden light of source energy, into the crown chakra, overspilling into the bubble and filling it with the golden, pure energy of the universe. I left my physical body and viewed myself from above, noting what I would describe as a magnetic force of energy- the polar opposites being the head and feet, with my energy fields surrounding similar to that of the image below. This was further evidence of something I had been discussing this week, regarding the above and below needing to be in harmony- IE: Being fully grounded before we connect to spirit. As above, so below.


Having noted this, I approached an arched doorway. Dark heavy wooden doors with black Iron hinges stood in front of me, but slowly the double doors opened to a simply stunning space, filled with lilac sparkling energy. I found myself inside another bubble, resembling a snow globe of sorts. Within this, a guide of mine stood waiting with a warm smile. I’m not sure if I have spoken of her before but she is a stunning vision of Indian beauty. With an orange and pink sari, stunning jewels and bangles adorning her arms. She stood at the Base of a cherry blossom tree and as I approached her, the ‘snowglobe’ shook sending the bright and soft pink flowers, floating and flying in the air around me. I smiled as I took in this sight. Destruction and beauty within one little moment. My guide pointed the way towards an opening of the globe, leading to a rope bridge. As I walked to the bridge, I found myself outside of the light body I had travelled in, looking down at myself, and the globe I had just been in.

At this angle I was able to see that there were many more of these globes, all with bridges joining them to a central globe, and equally with bridges joining each to its neighbour. Below this main group of globes there were more of them, all linking to its neighbour and one above, one below. This created a structure that I was familiar with from my research into geometric structures such as metatrons cube and the words  ‘crystalline structure’ was given.

Metatrons cube shown below.


Satisfied with what I had seen, I found myself back in my light body at the bridge, walking towards the main central globe.

As I approached, a wave of absolute love enveloped me, as well as excitement to see the figure standing in the centre. Although this figure was pure light in form, I knew who she was instantly.

I have seen her many times yet had never made the links to what any of that meant, until that moment.

Going back around 8 months for a moment, I had had an experience of feeling myself leaving my physical body and had been able to see my own spark and how she looked. It was a pure and beautiful experience and one I will never forget.

Back even further to around a year ago, I had a guide step forward who I felt was a celtic/nordic warrior of some kind, I had never been able to fully see her face though. Only one side of it. This led me to believe and know, that she was a shadow guide who had drawn in to help me to realise my light and dark and how I am not complete unless I accept that I have both of these elements within and work on that.

Over the course of this year I have worked heavily with this amazing and beautiful soul but looking back, I had never fully seen her. I had seen her crouched over a fire, I had seen her under the moon lit sky, I had seen her from behind while she mixed herbs in a pestle and mortar of sorts. But I had yet to see her fully.

So as I Walked towards this light being in front of me, having the realisation that this is Sila/Alis. This being within the central globe of the structure, is in fact the guide I mention above- was pretty awe inspiring. A thousand realisations hit me all at once, as she stood there with her knowing smile and slightly amused expression.

She is the higher self. She is the connection between all. She is the spark I saw as it left my body that day. She is me. And therefore, I her. Her beauty and spirit is one that I cannot begin to describe, our human vocabulary does not house the appropriate words. I became overcome with emotion, tears flowing down my face. Each globe housing a spark of the higher self, each connection I feel to each guide, being that of a life lived by the higher self or currently being lived and experienced on planes not within mine, parallel and existing all at once. Each guide is me, and I am each guide. All connected by the higher self. The main globes, surrounding the higher self, ‘house’ those who chose to work within this life experience with me.

So many realisations and affirmations of that which I had felt and believed, being shown in full technicolour!

I sat with Alis and we spoke (I say spoke, however words were not exchanged) I had not been ready to accept my own knowing’s and this is why I had not been able to see her fully. Only glimpses to help me adjust to the idea of all that I had now been shown.

A year ago I would have found it impossible to believe that this pure and radiant being, beautiful beyond any measure, is me. It would not and could not have computed. But now? Yes. I can actually begin to accept that this being is in fact me, and I her. I am a fragment (whole and complete) of this higher self. A total soul, living an experience here on earth and I am that beauty and pure love.

As we spoke more and Alis could see the realisations all coming together within me, she showed me that within her hand was golden flecks of glitter. She held out her hand and blew. The golden sparkles floated to me and coated me head to toe.

‘Time to finally shine like you know you can, little one’ she said, with a wink of her eye and a content smile.

Laughter exploded out of me as I became overwhelmed with all that had just occurred.

As I felt myself leaving to return to the physical, I was given a parting gift. A necklace made of the same golden sparkles I had seen within her hand. A necklace with the Alchemist symbol for Earth. A reminder if you will.


I am a spiritual being of beauty and love and light. Living the human experience that I chose.

I am slowly Becoming All that I can be and sparkling like the amazing and inspiring soul that I am, and I’ll be damned if I’m not gonna enjoy the ride!! 

I don’t often share my meditations but this was one that I feel is important. Not only for my own progression and growth, but for that of others too.
You are beautiful.
Shine brightly.
You are pure and loved.

Time to Shine with all you can be!!


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