Spiritual Gifts.

Feeling irritable so this post keeps coming out as ranty or defensive. I am trying to get the correct point across but I am very passionate about this particular issue and therefore it keeps coming out a little less controlled than I would like. After several attempts it seems that is just how this post is supposed to be, so I’m going to allow myself to just flow and get my thoughts out. Apologies if it seems rambling or incoherent!!

What I want to talk about is spiritual gifts. Just those 2 words leave me running for the hills and grinding my teeth with a tight jaw. It’s popped up several times recently, so I do feel it is an issue that I need to discuss and work through.

The idea that one person is Gifted compared to another infuriates me. Each of us is amazing in our own way. But a brilliant quote I use for my children, springs to mind here to explain my point.


There are those in the spiritual community who have themselves on some kind of pedestal. This pedestal sets them apart from others and thus they are gifted. In particular, these people tend to come with some kind of back story of amazing and wondrous/magical happenings that set them apart from normal folk. They were ‘chosen’ to be a channel for spirit. They were picked out of a group of thousands to be spirits messenger and here’s the kicker. They cannot possibly explain to you how they do what they do.

They ‘just can’

Another quote spring’s to mind right now….


So. Let’s simplify!!!

The definition of a Gift
1. a thing given willingly to someone without payment.

(informal: a very easy task or unmissable opportunity. “that goal was an absolute gift”)

2. a natural ability or talent.

We all want to feel that we have something we are particularly good at. Funnily enough, we all have lots of things we are great at And there are plenty of people who are great at one thing and not so great at something else. Strength’s and weaknesses. The balance exists in everything.

One of my strengths is writing. I am not gifted in writing, but I enjoy it. I enjoy putting my thoughts down on paper or in print. I haven’t studied how to write, I just write and wing it the majority of the time. I am sure there are plenty of writers that could read my work and tear it apart for the incorrect use if this or that. Incorrect grammar, messy formulation of sentences and paragraphs. The list is endless, but still. I write because it brings order to a little piece of my mind, one post at a time and that’s okay with me. It brings me joy.

I have many strengths and also many weaknesses. Each of us do and guess what? That’s okay too.

My issue with the word gifted is that with it, brings imbalance. It brings a sense of entitlement. A sense that you have something that someone else does not. It brings a hierarchic structure. Those who are ‘gifted’ ‘special’ ‘chosen’ and well, those who are not.

When I give readings with cards for example. I try to explain the process. What I connect to, how I connected to that. How I got October from the numbers at the top of the card. What I see and where I see it within the card. I try to ensure that the person sat in front of me, does not feel that I am doing something magical or out of reach for them.

Because in truth, The difference between us is mainly that I study hard in MY chosen field, (just as the person in front of me has likely studied hard for something different) I work hard and I am focused and driven to be the best channel for spirit and for the client that I can be.

I am not gifted. I was not given a present, which came wrapped and tied with a pretty bow on top and then I just opened and used it, like magic.

What I was given, was an opportunity. I was given a little glimpse of my capabilities and strengths and I then made the choice to follow that path. I committed myself to learning and developing the ability each of us have within us. Some choose to, some choose not to.

It’s the same with any other area of work. If you have an affinity with animals for example, and you love to care for them. You have been given an opportunity. So you choose to take that and study. You Work hard and learn all you can and you become the best vet or veterinary nurse or animal rescuer that you can be. Does that make you gifted? Sorry but no it doesn’t. It makes you amazing and wonderful and beautiful and determined, but no more gifted than anyone else. You have a strength and you worked on developing that strength.

We all have strengths. We all have weaknesses. It’s about seeing the opportunities that life presents you with and choosing which to follow and work hard to achieve.

You may love racing cars, but a weakness may be Co ordination or slow motor responses. And therefore, being a racing car driver may not be for you- however? A strength of yours may be analysis of data. You may see in patterns others do not. You follow the opportunities based on your personal strengths and weaknesses. You become the awesome guy in the pit analysing the data of the races, replaying and re sorting better games of play, better odds for your team winning.

Because you see. No one person is any better than anyone else. Every single human has value and strengths that others may not. That person in turn will have abilities another may not. Each needs the other to become a well oiled machine.

Another of my strengths is how my brain works. I analyse everything. Some see that as a strength, some as a weakness. At 3am it can be a weakness trust me! But! What it has done, is enabled me to analyse and formulate a workable routine for connecting to spirit. And I am good at that, because of my strengths and because I chose to follow that opportunity, find myself a great teacher, who has a similar outlook to me and work hard.

If something doesn’t work for me, I work on it. I find a way that my own brain can understand it. I like to have as full an understanding as possible so I read a ton. I research. I look within. I do.

None of the above makes me gifted. It makes me determined. Some people have that determination but never achieve what they wish to do. Why? Because they haven’t worked out their strengths and played to them. They see someone else doing what they want to do and they try to copy that. They follow someone else’s formula of success. Someone else’s formula of success in one particular field is theirs. No one else’s and therefore it’s important to learn all you can from many sources, if you have a focus and determination to achieve that wish you wish to. 

Some people’s ideas will clash with another’s. That is when you have to find what sits right with YOU. And to do that you need to know yourself. You need to have worked out your strengths and weaknesses and work in a way that is right for you.

They say everyone is psychic. Everyone is a medium. I say completely!! I totally agree with that. But if you only judge your ability against someone on a pedestal, you will spend your entire life feeling incapable.

Every single one of us has the ability to receive messages from those we love who have passed over. It is not for the ‘gifted’ only and therefore every single one of us have mediumistic ability. Not every one of us will be able to have a full blown conversation with them. Some of us will receive coincidence’s or hear a song on the radio or smell a perfume of a loved one. That is communication!

In my spiritual work, my strengths are mediumship as opposed to psychic work when working within a group. Yet in private one on one meetings, my strength is Higher self conversation as opposed to loved ones who have passed over! I also have a strength in intuitively reading cards.

None of this was just gifted to me. I know how to do what I do and am continuing to learn how to become better at that communication. I will always be learning how to become better than how I worked yesterday and that is the only person I need to compare myself to. I have mediums who inspire me, there are those who I have massive and deep respect for. But I do not hold any one person on a pedestal and I actively encourage you to step away from doing the same.

Find your strengths. Play to them. Find your weaknesses. Work on them. Become the best you, you can be in whatever you choose to work hard in. But I implore you. Stop feeling that someone is more gifted than you, at anything. You are you and they are them. There is no comparison.

You have no idea the hardwork and determination that person put in to working on themselves.

If you take anything from todays ramblings, please make it this..

If someone cannot explain something to you simply, they do not understand it well enough.


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