Liked minded friends

I’m really lucky to have several like minded friends to bounce ideas around with.
We talk about anything and everything, not just the spiritual, but also the very human elements of life too. Chats can be anything from what everyone is having for dinner, or why we are struggling with something parenting related, to aliens and out of this world dimensional shifts, ascension, the universe and taking another leap down the rabbit hole.

One such friend is James and we are really lucky to be on each others wave length, not only spiritually but also in life and sarcasm too! We were having a coffee yesterday and chatting about a meditation experience he had had recently. He explained his experience to me and the key points he recalled and asked my opinion and thoughts. My friends and I do this a lot as it’s awesome to bounce ideas off one another.

Well yesterday, I was really blessed to have one of James’ guides come close and speak with me while we were chatting. Firstly, I have to say, this man is enormous!! His energy is that of a very important and large personality and he strikes me as Viking or some type of Celtic warrior. He gave me the impression of very large shoulders that carry the weight of many people on them and he was wearing dark brown furs,  Likely bear furs. I didn’t necessarily ‘see’ him but just an awareness of him was enough to leave an impression!

While I was speaking James also became aware of a presence next to me and that of a very large man so I was thankful for the confirmation.

I won’t go into all that was said, as much of it is personal to James and for his progression and journey but I do want to share one piece of information that was given & James has kindly permitted me to do so.

James was given an 8 sided mirror in his meditation, and was interested in my thoughts. These are not my thoughts as such but that of his guide that impressed a few pieces of information upon me.

Although James gave it as 8 sides on the mirror, in fact it is 7 reflections with James being the 8th. Each of the 7 relates to a facet or reflection of the personality. To become at one with ourselves we must in turn, look at each reflection and release and work through any issues or blocks that are preventing that facet from fully working as it should.
The guidance given was that this needs to be work on the inner self, in meditation, to bring all 7 reflections into alignment with the true self, the 8th. The true reflection of self in wholeness.

Basically, an intention before meditation needs to be set, to be open to learning more about any issues from the past or the present that are preventing you from moving forward with purpose, within each reflection. If you haven’t already guessed, the 7 reflections relate to the 7 chakras. Root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, 3rd eye and finally, crown.

Starting at the Base chakra, it is important to set the intention before sitting in silent meditation. It was important that it be silent meditation for truly working within.

‘I am open to learning more and therefore healing, any blocks from my past that are preventing my root chakra from working in oneness with my purpose’

This needs to be worked through before moving on to the next chakra, working through each in turn.

Life nowadays, has a way of not only teaching us lessons, but also allowing us to hold onto that which no longer serves us. This process of realigning each energy centre with our purpose, this digging deep and releasing and working through issues, allows us to release ourselves from the chains we hold ourselves in. This is not a quick process but it is one that each of us needs to follow, when we are at a place in which we are ready and able to. Each energy centre will take time. It may be that what comes up can be dealt with quickly and easily, but there may be other energy centres that may take weeks or even months to deal with. But it is important to go through this process of release and realignment. To remember that which you have forgotten, or that which has been hidden, by allowing others to affect us in a detrimental way.

We were made to shine. These issues that we carry, dull our sparkle and prevent us from achieving the amazing and awe inspiring things we were created to achieve.

Research the 7 chakras and the symptoms that you can have, both emotionally and physically when you are holding on to things that do not belong there. Working on the inner self is quite possibly, the most important work you can do if you wish to be the best channel and friend to spirit and those in the physical, that you can be.

Massive thank you to James and his guide for working with me and for allowing me a little insight into how differently each of us work. You are fast becoming a very capable and evidential medium James and one who is just going to keep accelerating in your progression, with this inner work and with such pure intent towards why you do, what you do. When you realise the inner power that you possess, as do we all, you will become even more, than you imagine & I cannot wait to see it! You have an amazing team around you, both here and in spirit and I am very
proud to be a part of that.


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