I am.

During the week, I asked spirit to draw me to a reading for the Devine Service that Natalie and I were doing on Sunday.

Ever cryptic, they gave me three words ‘I am Loved’ and showed me a list of bullet points.

Not long after, I received another 3 words. I quickly realised I was supposed to write the reading instead of find one.

With Natalie’s help we worked out that the words each related to an affirmation attached to a chakra, and the reading kind of wrote itself very quickly after that!

Before you read it, I want you to be aware- the reading was easy to write but my word, was it difficult to say out loud in front of 30 odd people. These are ALL things I struggle with myself. I struggle to know I am these things. I struggle to stand in my own power and say ‘I am’

When you read it, note which ones sit with you and which ones leave you squirming a little in discomfort. Those uncomfortable ones? Work on them. Get to the root of why you struggle to accept the words, try saying them out loud yourself! Not as easy as it seems trust me. I hope you enjoy spirits little pick me up!

I am.

I am safe, secure, supported
I’m grounded and have no sense of worry or fear.

Im strong.

I’m passionate, creative, expressive.
I stand in my own creative energy, even if I stand alone.
I feel joy and peace with no fear of failure.

I’m talented.

I am confident, motivated, decisive.
I have purpose and I move towards my goals with faith in my self, shining brightly.

I am Beautiful.

I am loved, I am accepting, compassionate. I love myself fully and honour myself. I am at peace with who I am.

I am SO loved.

I hear clearly and speak my truth.
I am authentic with myself.
I speak my truth from a place of love.
I am accepted, not judged nor do I judge others.

I am MY voice.

What I think, I become.
I embrace my inner wisdom.
I trust my knowing & am in tune with my subtle feelings.

I am MY thoughts.

I am connected.
I am all these things.
You are all these things
If I am, so too are you.


Massive love as always
Nici xx


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