My psychic life…..

So, the hot topic on Facebook today amongst those in the UK is the programme about psychics that aired on Channel 4 last night.

I didn’t watch it last night but just reading others comments about it made me increasingly concerned. I have now watched said programme and I can categorically state that we all have every right to be concerned! There’s a big old rant within, that’s been screaming to get out for a while now so here’s the perfect opportunity.

What I first noticed about the programme was the lack of understanding about what a psychic is compared to what a medium is. A Psychic is not the same as a Medium!

A Psychic is a person who gathers information via a person present on this earth. It’s a living connection. They are amazing and wonderful readers, but they are not connected to someone in spirit while they read for the person. Everything that has ever happened in your life is present within your aura or energy field. A psychic taps into that energy field and connects to you- the person present here in flesh and blood and gives you information about you, advises you based on what they connect to within your energy field and can pick up information on what you may be having difficulties with.

A Medium is someone who connects to a person who is no longer living. It is a spirit connection. Their energy blends with the person in spirit to connect with a person on earth, still living. The aim of this is to pass on messages from the person in spirit, once you have been able to confirm to the person living, who you have with you from the spirit world. The purpose of a Medium is to provide proof of life after physical death and to provide love and upliftment from those in spirit. 

Many people who work in the spiritual arena are both mediums and psychics and they blend both abilities to provide a fully comprehensive reading for a person here on earth, but they are two different things and are not interchangeable!!

The very fact that the entire programme was named ‘my psychic life’ but then goes on to have content, almost entirely about mediumistic abilities, irritates me and shows just how little the researchers actually knew about spiritual practice in the first place!!

The programme is via channel 4, so let’s all be a little realistic here. Channel 4 is not a hard hitting, real life, educational channel. Channel 4 is an entertainment channel, using ‘real life’ as a basis for its off the wall, get people talking programmes and is designed to create conflicting ideals and be ‘out there’

So why did we expect anything less than silliness? Spiritualism and spiritual practice is fast becoming a household thing. More and more people from all walks of life are waking up to the realisation that we do not just cease to exist when we pass. This is scary for those who seek to control the masses. Mass religion has long been a fantastic means to control through fear. Each time we get a little closer to spiritual practice being taken seriously, and that of normality, the pitch forks and fires come a burning with some scary film about messing with demons or some silly programme on cold readers. Scandals galore to keep the masses from realising they are free from the whole idea of heaven and hell and actually, the only person who will judge you, will be you! Imagine that. No fear control.

It’s much more than that though. Becoming a spiritual person is a way of life and as you open yourself to these things, you begin to open to more and more of what is really going on around you. The layers of governmental control, religious control, commercialism, pollution, inhumane treatment, all begin to slowly peel away and you begin to see the realities for what they really are. That? That is dangerous territory!! To realise that you exist for more than this mundane 9-5, for money TV and material possessions? Dangerous territory.

The people who were chosen to do this programme were chosen for a specific reason. They show the extremes. They show those who are out for success and riches. Those who are hungry for the spotlight with their ‘I was chosen’ type of persona. These people do not champion those who truly work for spirit. But they do champion the idea that mediums are out for your money, for those who are undecided about spirit. A true and just medium, charges for their time, experience and knowledge. They do not charge for the ability to speak to spirit. Just as a sports therapist would charge you for their time, expertise and knowledge. Ya know, the stuff they spend time and money on learning- so they could help others. Counsellors- same. Therapists- same. Anyone based in personal services charge for their time, materials, energy and additional costs. A medium is no different. But those displayed in this programme may have said they do it for the people, but actions speak louder than words in all things.
Never judge a person by their words, but rather by their actions!

The other extreme is those who are a little quirkier than most. The dramatic types who see everything as a possession or spirit connection. Note the fear of ‘what’s that noise??’ Yes love, it’s just the flaming postman!! They thrive on the drama and thus they attract exactly that!! The mischievous monkeys who like to play around and cause disorder. They exist, but only to those who invite it!! These types of people thrive on the drama of spiritual connection’s. I don’t like giving bad news but….but what?? There is absolutely no reason for you to EVER provide ‘bad news’ to a client. Again, thriving on the drama and power they have imposed upon themselves as some kind of Oracle.

As you can tell, I’m pretty annoyed with it!! However, it has got people talking. In my short time learning, I have very quickly noticed those that genuinely seek to be a voice for spirit, and those who unconsciously wish to be in the spotlight. Those who wish to be ‘special’ or to share that they have been given a ‘gift from the powers that be’ let me tell you a little secret. You are already special!! Exactly as you are. Every single human being is and you really have no need to become something you are NOT just to satisfy your need to become anything other than more you.

Modern Mediums do not walk around with gypsy cloths on their heads and tye died clothes with crystal balls. Most probably own a crystal ball for its wonderful qualities! But it’s not an essential. They do not walk around having full blown conversations with spirit in the midle of tesco. If they do, they really need to reassess their life and understand we are here to live a human life and participate in conversation with others in flesh. Spirits are very real, and they are around us all the time. It’s nothing mystical or spooky, it’s life!! Life on all vibrations.

Mediums walk past you every day in the shops. They wear jeans and t shirts, they have pajama days and eat copious amounts of crap. They watch rubbish tv like the programme last night and they are normal people just like everyone else!!

As for the gentleman who just happens to drop into trance randomly? I don’t do trance however I know some very good trance mediums and the key to trance is control, trust and committed development. Controlling when you ‘drop’ into trance is a massively important thing and to have little to no control over it is a very worrying issue indeed!

I am lucky to be taught by a very very good teacher who is not only a wonderful psychic, but an evidential and accurate medium and a fabulous person. She grew up in a spiritual family, has belonged to spiritualist churches as well as worked within them. I’ve been taught The key to learning is respect. Respect for those who came before you, respect for spirit, respect for those here. Personal responsibility in all things. Respecting your self and students enough to show them ways to provide clear, accurate and evidential proof that spirit exist. Not allowing them to be wishy washy and certainly not allowing the whole ‘make it fit’ idea!!
Teaching good spiritual practice  is NOT what was occurring in the teaching segment of last nights programme and it worries me massively the amount of people who are being encouraged to think that a few words make up an outstanding connection to spirit. Yes we all start somewhere and we all likely started out just picking up one or two things. But the intent has to be to prove that you have someone’s loved one speaking to you!! Not to be ‘right’

Too many people are in it for the wrong reason’s and that is a shame. Too many people get a few things ‘right’ and are suddenly the next up and coming medium. That is all that was portrayed on last nights programme.

It hits home within the spiritual community that We need GOOD mediums. We need OUTSTANDING medium’s. But we need them to be well trained, either by spirit or by those who have taken the time to learn as much as they can about being the best channel for spirit that they can be and want to pass that learning on to others. Not as a money making scheme, but for the intent of keeping this important ability open to all. That is the kind of representation spirit needs.

We are all open to this area of life. Every single one of us. But a few classes and a couple of ‘okay’ messages do not make you a good medium! Practice, learning, self exploration and most importantly- INTENT make a good medium. Thankfully I know some amazing mediums and some who may well become amazing- but it takes time, commitment and intent.

Please do not tar true spiritual workers with the same brush used within that awful programme last night. See it for the satire it was clearly intended to be.

For those of us within the spiritual community, use it as a reason to show what true psychics and mediums work like. Use it as a wake up call to be the best and most accurate channel for spirit that you can be in all your work. Use it as an example of what we do not want to be!!

Use it to solidify your intent and your reasons for why you do what you do.
If it’s for money or fame I’d walk away now.
If its for the drama or the spotlight- start acting classes or take up a hobbie in am dram!

Just please, leave spiritual work to those who do it to help others and to be a voice for spirit in love and truth. Respect spirit enough to be real with yourself and honest with your true intent.

Rant over. (I think!)


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