Automatic Writing

A conversation with my sister last night made me realise I haven’t really spoken about my writing and where some of it comes from, so that’s what I’ve decided to do today.

There’s lots of different names for writings that aren’t from your own conscious mind.

Automatic Writing
Physical mediumship
Inspired writing
Trance communication

Channelling is what I call it, but to be honest I don’t feel it really matters. When talking to others who don’t do spiritual work, I would call what I do, Automatic Writing instead. Mainly because it doesn’t sound quite so ‘horror movie’

When people hear the word’s ‘channelled from above’ it can give visuals of possession, or that scene in ‘what dreams may come’ when Robin Williams freaks his wife out by ‘making’ her write his name and the words ‘I am here’ ??  (I think that’s what she writes anyway?) Need to watch it again! I digress! Basically it leaves others with some kind of mysticism when actually, it’s one of the simplest and easiest ways to communicate with spirit, your loved ones and your true higher self.

I don’t remember when I realised I could channel. I remember typing on the keyboard, giving a message from someone in spirit via a photograph of them. I don’t remember what I wrote, but when I had finished- It wasn’t my words or my sayings. It was that persons grandad, speaking to his grand daughter, through my hands. Amazing and freaky all at once!!

It happened like that for quite a while, one minute I would be typing and the next, there would be an entire message I hadn’t recalled typing. That’s the thing about Channelling. You don’t generally have a full awareness for what’s going on. You know you are typing, and aware of your surroundings but it’s almost meditative and rhythmic and poetic!

It’s actually really relaxing too! My conscious mind switches down a few levels and my subconscious then take’s over & allows the connection, letting whatever needs to be said, be said. (Similar to mediumship)

Over time I have learnt how to control it better, or rather! How I can flow better with it. Channelling is the opposite of control. It’s full trust in letting go and just being in that moment and allowing words to flow onto paper or onto the screen.

Reading back through what has been written is always beautiful! Most often my channelled writings are from my  guides who will come close and impress their words of wisdom. Sometimes those words are just for me, but more often, those words are to be shared with others. Little nuggets of insight to help others along their path. Some of my most ‘wow’ moments have come from Channelling and I am blessed to be able to do it, but everyone can!!

That’s the thing with channelled writing or automatic writing. It is accessible to everyone. You don’t even need to do anything too specific. Of course if you want to become adept at something, practice and routine are key but when first starting out all you need is a good intention, a quiet space and time.

Some work best with pen and paper in front of them, some with a laptop or keyboard.

A short meditation to relax, let go of the days worries and lower the conscious brain frequencies, then literally the time and patience to just ‘be’ if something pops in your head, write it down. Got and question? Write it down and then just focus on that question and see what conversation comes back!

Spirit, your guides, loved ones and your higher self all speak in your own voice in your head (unless you ‘hear’ spirit with your physical ears) so it can be hard to trust what you are getting, but the trick is to just start writing. Write anything and everything that seems to be popping in, without pause to read it. Type or write fast enough that you don’t have ‘time’ to re read or proof read. Just flow and don’t stop until you feel the thoughts slow and stop. DO NOT read any of it until you are finished and fully back in the room ! (Back in your fully conscious mind)

Give it a go! You are guaranteed to surprise yourself with what gets written.

If you have trouble trusting- A tip with automatic Writing is, the words written by anyone other than your conscious mind, will not sound quite like you. It may be you, but not at the same time!  (That’s because it isn’t you!)

I hope that explains a little, Have a go and see what the universe has to say to you !!


2 thoughts on “Automatic Writing

    • Thankyou, trying to keep it simple if I can without missing too much! Yes, I’m the same and I often look back on my writings and need to look words up as don’t know exactly what they mean ! 😊


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