Choosing Joy.

Validation? Financial success? Reaching a certain demographic? Success?

Validation. its not needed. You have all the validation you need, right there within your own self.

Financial security. You have all you need. If You have shelter, warmth, food, clothing and the necessities, you have all you need. Wants are different to needs. You do not want for anything that you truly need.

Tailoring yourself to a certain demographic would be at the exclusion of others. Joy, growth and the forward momentum of life is open to every single soul. Why would you therefore choose to exclude yourself from so much. You reach any and all who wish or need to hear you.

Success is a perception. To need to succeed is to have a lack of something within. Who would you be comparing your success against? You do not lack in any area of your life. You are already successful in all that you do, every single day because you succeed in being the best you, you can be at that moment in time. Success is not something you strive towards. It is what you already are.

Not for money. Not for thanks. Not for recognition. Not for success.

For joy.

What makes your soul light up? Share that
What passion burns in your belly? Share that.
What amazes you? Share that.
What do you succeed at by being Unapologetically you? Share that!

Share what brings you true joy for no other reason than the Joy of it. No game plan, no hidden motive. Just Joy, passion and a love of what you do.

In doing so you bring that joy to all who need it and you will realise you already have all the validation, success, and happiness you need, right there within.

It’s all right there inside you, but you insist on looking at them as a goal outside of you.

Everything you choose to do is a choice.

Choose joy.


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