Conversations with myself.

I see you young one.
I see you questioning whether to change your picture on facebook. I see the thoughts and unsure feelings rising from ego.

Something as simple as a picture and you have a thousands preconceived ideas of others perceptions of you. You do realise how ridiculous that is don’t you?
I know you do.

This whole ‘spiritual’ thing can be messy and imperfect and hard. It’s supposed to be. The more you become aware, the more your preconceptions fall away and the more you question the ‘you’ you are.

Oh young one. You are funny. You are sweet. You drink too much and you eat what you ‘shouldnt’ that’s part of the journey!
You are beautiful. And kind. And powerful and inspiring.
You my little one, are a mess of universal energy all squeezed into one teeny little squished up vessel of skin and bones and that is a miracle in itself.

Has it never occurred to you why every single person looks different? Its because they are supposed to. Each of you is supposed to be completely different to the next. With different faces and bodies and squishy bits and toned bits. You are supposed to have different personalities and different lives and different lessons. You are supposed to find different things funny or sad. It’s what makes the ride so much fun!!

Do you really think you are here to be so serious? To be so deep and all encompassing in your pain ? Yes Life is to be experienced but it’s for the sake of experience, not to work it out now, but to take it back home for later! To be healing and growing and true. But not at the cost of enjoying this life for you!

Becoming enlightened is merely to remember who you are and remembering who you REALLY are, comes at the cost of getting rid of all the things you are not.

You can read every book, join every group, experience everything you can, but are never truly enlightened until you accept the love in your heart for yourself. For this mess of stardust in this body, with this sense of humour and kindness of heart and deepness and childlike joy.

In answer to your question. Yes you are perfect EXACTLY as you are. Those who truly see you for all you are, with your silliness, dramatic flare, deep love and pureness of heart know you and recognise you. Those who don’t, aren’t enlightened enough within themselves to sit with your vibration yet. To be Unashamedly themselves and make no apology.

Be you and let your light shine. Those attracted to that light belong there.

Basically lighten up!! And yes I do mean literally.

All my love as always.
The you, you truly are.


4 thoughts on “Conversations with myself.

  1. I know this is a conversation that you wrote to yourself, but for some mind-blowing reason I felt like you were talking to me. What better can a writer do than to make the reader feel like they belong to the place that the writer created?
    You’re an amazing/wonderful/magnificent/awesome writer.
    Thought you should know that you changed someone’s state of mind today. Thank you xD

    Liked by 1 person

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