Life is a Journey.

Last night I received a message from my Grandfather at Sunday service. The message wasn’t only special because it was Grandad but also special because of who delivered it, my good friend Warren.

You see, last night two of my friends were the guest speakers and demonstrators and to say I’m proud would be an understatement. Its always beautiful watching others step up and serve spirit with all they are and in being unshakably themselves. But better than that is knowing that they didn’t allow themselves to be pushed into doing anything until they were ready. They didn’t allow Ego to take over because of managing a few good communications with spirit. They worked hard, over a number of years, finding their own personal stride and followed their personal path set out before them, one step at a time, as each step presented itself. Accepting where they were. embracing it, then moving forward.

Thats what I want to talk about really. Embracing the journey and accepting it for what it is.

We all know the saying…


But how many of us actually live in that moment? live in the journey?

Before finding myself where I am right now, I was a very preoccupied person. preoccupied with money, material possessions, success, companionship, in finding love, finding happiness, preoccupied with the past and preoccupied with the future.

I still can become preoccupied to some extent, however I do now have a more expanded awareness of the bigger picture and therefore, I don’t tend to ‘live’ there quite so long anymore.

The past

One of the components that has got me to where I am now. The past is just a present moment that now has passed. We can learn a lot from it, take the lessons forward, but until we allow and accept, we end up living there.

My ‘mistakes’ were all part of my journey.

I had a happy loving childhood. I was the youngest of three girls. The over dramatic, over sensitive, cry at the drop of a hat, optimistic, clumsy, innocent and happy little one of the family. We all have our roles in life and I can honestly say, that no one imposed those labels onto me. I AM all of those things!! even now. The difference I guess is that now, they don’t feel like bad things. They are a part of the me that I am, and that’s okay. Life changed when my father passed away suddenly when I was 13. It completely rocked our world and changed it forever. I became someone very different for a great number of years. I became more of some of my labels, and less of others. Its those years that I probably learnt the most about myself.

All those lessons. All those ‘mistakes’ All those dramas and pains that I chose to put myself through. Because I was hurting and was teaching myself to heal. So many times we ask ‘why me?’ ‘life isn’t fair’ well I’ll let you in on a secret. You chose everything you have experienced so far.

Life is as fair to you, as you choose it to be.

Crazy concept I know but its an awful lot to do with your own self worth and your personal vibration and energy. If you feel unlovable, under confident, unsure of who you are, unsure of where you are going…you will attract that kind of vibration to you. You will attract those who are also on that toxic journey and together, you will carry forward in that toxic unhappy environment until something snaps. problem is, you often don’t realise whats occurring and even once you have, you are so far down that path- you cant see who you were to start with.


Its only when you are completely at the point of your own destruction that you begin to realise. You have been falling apart to enable you to build yourself back to who you truly are. Its only when you begin to accept that you are worthy of real love, or true happiness, that you begin to change your vibration.

But the real kicker? When you realise that you already have all of that love and happiness inside you.

The more you begin to embrace your present self, the more your energy shifts. You begin to strip away the masks and begin to see others for who they truly are. Maybe deep down they too are damaged, or hurting or sad. That can be hard.

We have an inbuilt need to want to help others, which is beautiful. However, no one can truly be helped until they help themselves. Only then can you begin to support and be present for their steps ahead.  Sometimes, the hardest part of becoming more self aware can be the realisation that there are some people in life, that you cannot help. You can hope for them to find their resolve. you can pray for them to see their lessons, but you cant do it for them. Its their life path, and their responsibility. Your job there? To know your own love, happiness and self worth within and have enough self respect to accept things as they are, instead for what you wish they could be.

You cannot change someone, you can only help point the way for them to find their own little flame inside. you can bring them the wood for that fire, but only they can light it. You can lead a horse to water, but you cant make them drink.

The future.

As soon as we find ourselves thinking in ways such as…

‘if I could just have that, id be happy’ ‘If I just knew where I was heading, Id be satisfied’ ‘If I could just resolve this this and this, Id be loved’

We are living in future potentials. We begin to become unhappy with what we have right now and decide that life isn’t fair and we deserve more. More of what? More of anything that isn’t what we have right now. We begin to re hash over the past, berating ourselves for the ‘mistakes’ that got us to where we are. We take ourselves to a place of self, but not in a good way.

We begin to compare our life to that of someone else and try to work out what made us such a bad person to not ‘deserve’ more of what that person has. Thing is, while we are busy comparing our life, looking toward to what we want to have, feeling crap because we dont have something, we arent accepting the awesome life we currently are experiencing. Therefore we again, lower our vibration and begin attracting exactly what we feel we deserve. nothing good! Then, more ‘not so great’ stuff happens and we then begin a vicious cycle of wanting more and being less and less grateful for the things we do have.  Its an ugly place to be.

There is nothing wrong with being confident and passionate about a goal or want to achieve something. We are that way inclined and that is a wonderful power to be in. However, Its all about the intention. If your intention is to become better than someone else, you will never be satisified. If its to have a bigger house, better car, more money, more Friends, more facebook likes (eww i know) You will never be fulfilled. Why? because there is always ‘more’

You attract what you put out, so if you always want more, you will always be wanting. you will never find enough to be happy with your lot.

There is also nothing wrong with being unhappy with where you are, right now. but in those moments, cling to the things that you do have. the simplests of lifes essentials and be bloody grateful for them! Find the joy within. The love inside. The satisfaction of working hard for the little that you are blessed to have.

If you feel alone- reach out to those you know do care for you. reach towards those who have truth in their hearts. Not those who just tell you what you want to hear and feed into keeping you in that place!

More importantly. Reach out to the most important person. You. forgive yourself, embrace your lessons, be grateful for the little things you do have and feel love within for the happiness you are able to provide yourself with.


Basically. Life could be a lot worse, it could be a lot better. You choose what to do with it. Its your life. By being happy with what you have right now, and embracing where you are right now, you will attract what you feel you deserve. You dont have to know the steps ahead. You just need to learn to be grateful that there will be more steps ahead. Because at some point, you will find that the steps stop and you never did get where you wanted to be and then you will realise. You did get exactly where you wanted to be, but you were too busy looking for the next one ahead to have noticed and enjoy it.

Life is a journey, not a destination. Live it for each moment right now.











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