Maybe its just a conversation.

Let’s imagine for a moment that life is just a conversation.
If we simplify, you arrange to meet up with a friend for coffee. Now imagine a topic of conversation you wish to discuss. For example sake, you’re having relationship problems. Or maybe you’ve just come back, from an amazing month long holiday, to some exotic location and you can’t wait to share all your stories and memories.

So you make a date to meet said friend. Location and time decided. Personally I’d go for Costa as I love Costa! But you know, other coffee shops are available….you leave home to catch up. There is an unusual amount of traffic on the roads that day and you begin to worry you will be late. You make it there with a few minutes to spare and find yourself 2 comfy chairs near the window so that you can enjoy the spring sunshine, as you indulge in a coffee and maybe cake.

You place your order and sit to wait for your friends arrival. They are running late, probably due to the same traffic you were in earlier. Half an hour later and you’ve decided to grab another coffee and a breakfast roll. You forgot to eat in your rush out the door. Your friend arrives!! And she gives you a warm hug and settles her things down before joining the (now) long queue, to grab her coffee. Finally you are both settled with your drinks and snacks and you cannot wait to share all about your holiday.

Your friend asks ‘how was it then?’ And you begin to explain the trials of the airport and luggage check in…your friend pipes in with a similar story about her experience of that too and this then leads off to a story about her mum and the issues she had with ‘such and such’ airline. You realise your coffee has gone cold and you have both ended up completely off topic! But never mind, you go for a quick toilet break while your friend orders another round of coffees. She ends up waiting for you to return as she has seen some cakes on offer and wondered if you fancied being naughty & sharing some. Wonderful!! Yummy cake has been added to the mix.

So, finally you are both settled back down and you start off again. You begin to talk of the hotel and how beautiful it was! It’s tall ceilings and trees in the foyer. The polite and caring staff….your friend shares your excitement and the conversation takes another diversion into how wonderful these hotels are nowadays and how quickly they are built, to such a high standard! Your friend shares some exciting news that she was reminded to speak of, when you say about seeing a baby dolphin and… oh wow!! Your friend has been bursting to tell you her news! She is expecting a baby! How wonderful !

Conversation turns to the anxieties and worries of pregnancy and the happiness she felt sharing the news with loved ones. By now, it’s near on lunchtime and being that your friend is pregnant you suggest that you guys stay for lunch. Health is important after all! Another half hour of ordering food and loo breaks, and the conversation has been re directed back to your holiday.

You speak a little and then as before, the conversation takes a turn to some other random thought and off we go down another rabbit hole, before trying to resolve to find our way back to the primary focus. The entire reason you wanted to meet up. To discuss your holiday.

After 4 hours you are both happy, warm by the spring sun, streaming through the window and smiling with content full tummys of yummy lunch. You’ve spoken about a few bits you wanted to. There’s lots more to tell your friend, but you decide that it can wait for another day. You can always come back to it later.

Step forward a month and you find yourself back with said friend chatting away. You completely forgot to update her fully on the holiday after all! Oh well, conversations do tend to wander and we can sometimes forget where we were or what our focus was in the first place. But something she says triggers your memory, and suddenly you recall! ‘OH I forgot to tell you about the when I was away!’ And off you go to finally finish telling that story.

You got there in the end.

Life is like a conversation. You may have a primary focus, a purpose to fulfill, but life has a funny way of diverting your attention to other things along the way.

Sometimes it may be hardwork or slow progress-like traffic in the road.

There may be a few treats or amazing people you meet unexpectedly- like cake and lunch out.

Moment’s of beauty like spring sunshine and exciting news.

There will be friends/family and meeting others along the way and they may take you a little off track too.

Or maybe they’ll be the ones to pull you back into line.

But truth be told, your conversation will always return to what needs to be said eventually.

Life always will return to what is needed for you to achieve, what it was that you, set out to do.

Life. Maybe it’s just a little chat with a few bumps and giggles along the way after all. 


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