One of the hardest things to understand in life, is when we cannot free ourselves from feeling responsible for others.

Paths are personal and unique. Someones own to walk.
You may walk alongside anothers path for a while. Entertwined, down the same route, but always separate.
It is a beautiful moment to share, but it is shared not yours to own and become responsible for.
Sometimes you may even walk alongside another for a long time.

But the thing to understand is their path is never yours to be responsible for. You cannot be responsible for which route they take. You can Only be responsible for your own. Maintaining your own and accepting any lessons you learn along the way. Being thankful for the experience gained. You cannot make them thankful for the same, but then it is not your place to.

Be responsible for your path. Tend to your own and enjoy the paths that cross with yours along the way. But do not make the mistake of feeling you can influence anothers. If they were meant to walk alongside yours, they will. When it’s time to move away? They will. You have only a say in your own.

Own your experiences, forgive yourself and have enough self love and self worth to understand the difference between being responsible for your own life and  taking responsibility for anothers.


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