Revealing truth

Thankyou to an amazing artist who I am blessed to own cards of, Ravynne Phelan.


This card was such a massive feature for so many of us in 2015 and synchronicity strikes again to bring it into the forefront once more.

That’s the thing with revealing truth. We open to the possibility of it, diving into the recesses of our soul and delving deeper into the truths that bring balance to our lives here at this time.

Truth and growth can be a painful process and I am not one who came out of that unscathed this time. Unbecoming all that we thought was reality is a process and one that we heal from, slowly embracing more and more of that which we found so fantastical previously.

Little by little we come to understand our personal truths and inch by inch, we shed the layers of all the learnt behaviours that burden our soul in this incarnation. We say we are here to experience. I believe that to be true, however I also believe that we are here to slowly but surely REMEMBER all that has been experienced before now. To gently deepen our understanding of the vastness of all that is, and all that will be and has been.

Time is not linear. We exist within the now only if we choose to exist within the now. We experience life as slowly or as quickly as we choose to allow ourselves to process. Not to process with the brain but with the soul. The self. The heart of the spirit we chose to be.

Seeking truth of the self and all that is, it’s a process. We learn. We grow, we cast off another layer. Ready to expand and then heighten our understanding of our own connection to everything. This is a time of expansion. A time of heightening our understanding on a soul level, but we must do this one layer at a time, lifting away the mask and unveiling more and more of our true selves to those around us. Some will stay, comfortable with the truth of being. Some will leave, having gone as far as they have chosen to go.

You see, you have no say in that. That is their path and journey. Your path is merely to shine. To keep revisiting your truths until all that was previously tarnished can glisten and shine in the light and truth of all that is. It is something you need to make peace with. You are no better or worse. No more or less enlightened. You are just you. Stardust and magic, just like every other.

Energy is like electricity. attracting negatives and positives but if your connections are clogged ? You will indeed give off your very own negative charge. Making it difficult to connect with the right wiring.

Ego is that clogged energy. Causing mistrust in the very soul that you are. Causing doubt and confusion and connections to the minus charges instead of the plus. But by understanding your part to play in that bigger circuit, you begin to see that you are just as important as the wiring, the battery, the light and the dark. Just as valued & necessary as every other part needed to create the right kind of connection. The circuit requires the positive and the negative to work.

With facing deeper truths within, the negatives if you will, you Polish that which has always laid beneath the surface. The connections are there. You just need to dust off the particles clogging that positive charge.

Once we understand a truth hidden within, we reconnect those wire. Connections that flowed with no where further to go and for a while, we then deal with the fall out of that energy build up. Over time that flow levels out, ready for us to dust ourselves off and dig deeper to cast that next layer off.

Full circle we go, just like a simple electrical circuit. But It requires maintenance and care to keep all parts working correctly to maintain the steady flow. All parts needed. The negative and the positive to keep that connection. Just as in life.

So while asking for positivity in your life, remember that with positive comes  negative and visa versa. The connection just wouldn’t work any other way.

Learn, connect, grow. Dig deep and reveal those truths of your own authentic self. Polish those connectors, embracing the good and the bad because without both? There would be no light to be seen.

I’m unsure who has helped to write this but I thank him for his wisdom, love and for connecting with me xx


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