Numbers- conversations with my Self.

Why am I seeing all these numbers all the time?

You already know that the two true and right languages are music and numbers.

You willingly and happily accepted music into your life. You embrace music, it is all around you. In the wind whistling through the trees, the laughter of children, the sound of an orchestra, the lyrics in a song.

You particularly work well with lyrics. You are meant to. Songs play on the radio just when you need an answer to something don’t they? Or you think of a loved one and suddenly you see a link to a song you haven’t heard for what feels like forever?

It’s no big conspiracy. It’s just that within your human confines you struggle to accept that your reality is in every Moment created by you. Each person, has a constant reality playing out around them, that they create but that’s too far fetched for your thinking mind to fathom.

How about seeing it this way.
You turn the radio on and it’s playing a song. That song reminds you of a person and that brings with it memories or emotions. But how do you know that the song playing on your radio is playing to everyone else too? You don’t do you? You just in that moment, assume and trust that if it’s playing on yours, it must be playing to everyone else too.

Interesting isn’t it? I know what youre thinking and you can feel free to test it, but you know that the reality you create will mean that the radios within your hearing will all play the same. Because you have the need to be right and understand your reality and thus will create the right surroundings to make that so.

That’s the power you have within you. Every single thought you have is energy beaming out to the universe. No person catches it and creates that for you, you create it all. You are the universe and the universe is you.

So. In answer to your question about numbers. What do the numbers mean to you? That’s what they will mean.

Other people can have opinions and perspectives and theorise what these numbers are, but only you hold the power to decide what they are to you.

You continue to search for validation of what you believe, despite believing what you believe!

What a complex creature you are. Exactly as you should be. Ever seeking, ever growing and ever changing. Beautiful.

And no, I don’t ever answer a question straightforwardly. Where would be the fun in that?! These numbers are not some big awakening, or end of world, unless you choose for them to be. They are to you, music.

Music invokes emotion and empathy, awakening the depth of the soul within you. Numbers do exactly the same. You just need to be present enough in your own moments, to get to grips with the song they are singing.

After all, you created them for a reason and you are sign posting yourself along the path. We aren’t doing it for you, there’s no big master plan where we in spirit, control you like puppets on a string. We are here however. We do love the adventures you take, In the physical and in the mind. And we walk beside you because that’s what we and you chose.

You chose to see these types of numbers for a reason. You already know that reason, so confirm to yourself the explanation and have enough self worth to not need to have that validated by anyone else.

And you wonder why we love you so? How could we not. How complex a creature you are. How interested and curious and awe inspiring your moments are.

Love As always,


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