The brightest flame….


The brightest flame casts the darkest shadow – George R R Martin.

I find this quote really thought provoking from a spiritual perspective. I saw this quote a few days ago and its been playing on my mind since. It was given to me for a reason, a little message to help me with something.

We each are multifaceted, each pure light source energy but, each of us have shadow elements. There is no shadow in darkness, you need light to cast a shadow. Darkness exists, but shadows cannot exist without the light. 

A flame doesn’t cast a shadow because it in itself is a source of pure light energy. That isnt strictly true though. A flame can cast its own shadow, if the light source behind it is brighter. So what is truly casting a shadow? The flame? Or the light source behind it.

So where am I going with any of this random chatter? I’m not entirely sure!

Basically, the quote came to me while contemplating something. This something is a step forward that I am sure I want to make but am being held back by my own fears. My own ego based worries. I am projecting into the future and seeing a moment of failure that is unlikely anyway, especially given that I wouldn’t take the step unless I felt ready and able.

I can never truly be in my own light, my own power, be my own flame until I decide to stop worrying about living in the shadow cast by the people I stand before.

You see, it doesn’t matter if anothers light shines brighter than yours. What matters is that you accept your own light for what it is. To decide to no longer live in a shadow cast by any other.

It’s scary when you consider no longer seeing your own shadow as something separate to you. But the truth is that we all carry our own shadow within, regardless of whether anyone else can see it. We all have strengths and weaknesses. Light and dark. There will always be someone or something, brighter or bigger or more knowledgeable than you. Love them for that. They weren’t always that way, they worked hard to get there! and there will always be a shadow that can be cast over their light too!

Living in someone else’s shadow can be positive and negative. It can produce fear of failure because you see the shadow as if you are living in their light. Comparing you to them. It can produce fear that you will never step out from that place and will always feel ‘not good enough’

But accepting you have a shadow and everyone does, gives you the tools to see it for what it is. It’s the ability to see yourself from all sides. A reflection that you could not see without anothers light.

That other with a brighter light? Can help or hinder you. It’s your choice in how you perceive it.

You can choose for it to be something you need to fear and try to escape from, or something to use. To learn more about all parts of the self. Realising that instead of living in that shadow, you can step to the side when ready and see that they too, have their own shadow. You were just so busy standing in front of their power and light to see.

The brightest flame casts the darkest shadow but only to those who choose to stand there. Step out of their shadow, once you have learnt all you can and know that as with all things, you can choose instead to stand alongside and see things as they truly are. Even the darkest shadow has something behind it. We all have our own strengths, we all carry our burdens, our joys or pain and our happiness.

Shadows don’t exist without light, so be thankful for the light you cast and know that there will be a time when someone feels stuck in your shadow too, just as you fear stepping out from someone brighter now. Embrace them and remind them that we all cast shadows only when we choose to stand in the way of something we see as bigger than ourselves.

Be your own light and shine for all that you are. There will always be shadows but we are thankful for them ! Because without each of our lights there would be only darkness.


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