Conversations with My Self. Being Present.

We love that you are finding your way.
That space you have been searching for, for so long. The space between the in breath and the out breath.

The moment of being truly present in any one moment.

You were drawn to learn the things you are learning, to help you- first and foremost.

By learning to be present in your moments, you learn to hear your thoughts more clearly.

You learn to discern which are your own. Which are ego. Which are fear and which are from a completely different source altogether.

In those moments when you become hyper aware of the space you are in, of the infinite universe and of the fact that time is indeed relative, in those moments you help us. You help yourself to hear us most clearly.

You’ve noticed our communication and conversations beginning to flow in and out of daily life haven’t you? You no longer have to try so hard to start that dialogue.

You have become so much more aware of each thought that you have, haven’t you?

The thoughts you have and now question. The ones that are based in the ego mind and have no place in your truest path forward.

Noticing them is the first step. Acknowledging them and that you recognise where they came from.

Like the negative chatter you had going on earlier. The thought you had. That question.

Why does the universe seem to conspire against me!?

We know that you struggle with this idea, but we can only give it to you as you will understand it. You are the universe.

The universe is you, you aren’t a small part of. You are all parts of! Every single one of you are each other and each the universe as a whole.

Think in terms of what you understand of Karma so far. Karma is universal law. No one entity judging good or bad deeds. No one to define a good or bad deed. If you feel it was a bad deed. It was. Because the only entity that can judge you, is you. So. In terms of karma- the universal law is that what you send out you receive back. It’s pretty simple.

You understand thoughts are energy. So on your particular question- you have decided the universe is conspiring against you, so therefore that thought has set events in motion. Energetically we mean, for more of the same to return to you. It’s simplistic in its nature for a reason.

The difficulty lies in the human conditioning of negativity, judgement & comparison.

Even when being a ‘good’ person (by your own definition) you compare your life to others.

You feel blessed to be fortunate to have more than your neighbour. You are no more or less blessed.
More of what??
More shelter?
More money?
More material possessions?

That same neighbour may look to you and feel blessed to not have those things you hold dear. Because they themselves choose to value love and faith and hope above material.

You speak negatively so naturally that it is difficult to do anything but. But you can change this. The further you grow in your understanding. The more you reach and question those negative thoughts. The deeper you live in that space of being present. The closer you become to that moment in between the in and out breath.

It is in these moments, you are truly in your own self.

You are embracing those moments more and more and look how far you have come!

Keep keeping on, as we keep keeping on alongside you.

Love in the purest form, as always.


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