I choose to be me.

Been reading ‘Conversations with God’ today. After I put this jaw droppingly wonderful book down, I felt I could finally begin to put into words what I feel. It’s amazing how someone else’s words can sometimes light that fire!! I finally feel I am beginning to understand. It’s how I FEEL. It is my version of how I choose, to recreate my world right now and only I can know my reasons for walking the path my soul walks. People may walk with me, apart from me, entwined with me- but my path is mine. I cannot judge their path, the choices, their decisions because they are not me and I am not them. The reasons for one persons path is theirs to know alone. As such only I can choose how and what I create within my own personal reality! Pretty cool and I do love, love, LOVE this book. I feel a remembering occurring within. A joyful reunion is afoot!

I choose to be my highest Joy.
My own ultimate version of love.
I do not fear, fear itself,
I welcome fear.
My companion, my friend.
For without fear I could not experience my greatest joy.

Joy would be mere theory to me, Something intangible.
To fear, is to see that something ‘better’ is possible.

That, is my journey and point for being. To theorise, experience and then grow in my knowing.
To experience that which is, knowing to my perfect soul.

Knowing love is not experiencing love.
It is theory unrealised.
But experiencing that theory, cannot exist without its opposite.

To fear or love are the choice.
But to love without knowing what exists WITHOUT love? Would serve no purpose to experiencing it.
Therefore FEAR must exist.
As our own guide to that which is not,
To get to what we want to be!
that which is.

I am the here and there and the nothing in between. I am spirit and spirit is me.
I am all and nothing in beautiful unison.

I am who I choose to be.

Nici Gorman


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