Soul contracts.

You ask about soul contracts.
What is a soul contract and how does it affect you. I know you ask on behalf of another but I shall answer as I would you. We all have the ability to speak with spipit, to spirit, through spirit. So this will come as an explanation to you, from you.

Well. In answer it doesn’t truly affect you. You aren’t aware of the contracts, as you call them.

Think of them more as agreements. You do not know it, but you decided a long time ago to experience something in particular. You immediately think of big noble things like feeding the poor or helping others. You forget the small experiences are what build to the big ones!! A simple experience might be to experience how it feels to be born. A complex one may be to experience persecution at the hands of others. You may have only wished to experience having a child. Or being alone. Or how human love feels in comparison to pure unconditional love. Or how human love feels when not reciprocal. You may have wished to experience being a female. Or a male. Or someone addled with health problems and the adversity of such a thing. Everything is an experience!!

You aren’t able to do that entirely on your own so you chatted with friends and family about how you could achieve what you want to do.

Those friends and family are your soul family, your soul group. A friend of a friend may have mentioned to another friend that they would quite like to do ‘such and such’ next time they go to earth. That persons experience ties in with yours so you have a chat and decide that at some point in your next life, you guys will meet up and experience that thing. You are both fully aware of that chat. You both are excited to have your theory put into practice. It’s what you crave you see. Experience to grow and as those souls experience & grow, so does the universe grow and experience.

You see, you are all the universe and the universe is you. So you couldn’t possibly decide to experience one thing without ALL experiencing that one thing.

The word contract makes it sound very official and like it’s all serious and planned out with precision and binding. In truth these agreements are binding. But it’s not at all like the image you see in your head.

We don’t all sit around a large table in a board room and give for and against agreements or argue the details until a binding contract is drawn up. No.

It is fun. It is exciting! It is growth and growth is just ‘wow’ to us all!! You seem to see us and you as different things or entities so for now, I shall speak as if that were so. Just know it really is not that way at all.
The things you class as good or bad while in your human confines do not compute here in spirit.

Everything is experience. Everything is a chance to play out a theory that we wouldnt get the chance to experience if it wasn’t for the souls that choose to go and actually try the theory out! It’s fun (as you would see it)

Non judgement means that experience is just that. No good or bad. No evil or pure. You struggle with that idea I know. But just trust me when I say it does make sense. When you listen to your soul instead of your human brain.

In terms of how a ‘soul contract’ affects you? Well I guess it does affect you but not how you may think. You already know what agreements you made. It’s just that they are buried into your soul. A part of your make up if you want to see it that way. You will feel a pull to certain things and not to others. You can still choose the other thing. You have complete free will as a soul. But! You will at some point return to one of the agreements or reasons YOU decided to go and experience. It’s just that simple. You chose it and thus, you will get around to it at ‘some point’ or at least that was your plan! Human life has a funny way of messing up all the best laid plans and on some occasions you may not quite do what you had originally intended. (Before you incarnated) that doesn’t mean you failed though. It means that you experienced something a little off centre to what had been intended. Your guides and higher self will try to guide you back on track if you ask them to. Thats another ‘agreement’ that was made. You also have ‘get out points’ along life, that you decided to pop in, in case you had had enough of whatever you had chosen to experience. But we will discuss that another day. 

The agreements made are binding but never fully set in stone. They flow. They are liquid and flowing like everything. Will you likely achieve what you set out to do? Yes. Because you are guiding yourself to do so! Is it possible to not manage to achieve it? Yes.

I would have to advise spending less time trying to work out what all these things in spirit are though. I can explain as best I can but you will never truly understand until you are back from your trip, with all these wonderful experiences to look back on. At which point you will look at the whole experience without judgment and decide for yourself if you achieved what you had set out to do. The human ability to explore and try to make sense of the universe is a beautiful thing! It’s one reason we love the human body! But. There will always be some things that aren’t meant to be understood. If we finally understood everything, we would have nothing left to do would we? And thus we would cease to experience and all experience would end. Ending the universe as we know it. Thankfully! The universe continues to expand and grow both backwards and forwards and left and right and every which way while also being nothing all at once too. Amazing isn’t it!

Does each soul have a purpose for being on earth? Of course. But the entire time you judge it based on good or bad, success or failure, comparisons of one souls purpose in relation to your own- you stop your ability to just see that all is as it is. All is flowing as it should. All is experience and all experience is growth.

All is just as it should be.
Listen to that which bring you joy.
Joy brings you closer to your purpose.
You feel it in the depths of your being.
Signposts you chose along the way are there to help you. Not test or hinder you!
Distrust is a human element of fear. But not one you have to endure.

Trust in yourself and doing your own thing is what you were wanting in the first place. The trick is to keep on doing it. And trust in your own voice. Your own love. Your own joy.

Trust your own spirit! 

Love as always

Nici Gorman


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