Focus- conversations with my Self.

What should I focus in on right now?


Well. What do you want me to say?
You already know what you are focusing in on and you are right to do so.
Because you were given those little signposts and messages and you listened.
You are actually rather good at listening to yourself now and you don’t give yourself enough credit for it.

Do I run your life for you?
Am I the one in ultimate control of your strings?
Is the source of all? No.

You are the pilot of your own life. You even have it written in big, pretty capital letters on your fridge.
Why do you have it there?
Who are you trying to convince? Me or you? Or someone else?

Once you work out the answer to that, you will better be in control, of your own life.

A good pilot knows that he controls the machine. But he also knows and accepts, that although each machine is almost identical, they have subtle differences. Each machine is made to the blueprints and should therefore be identical to the next, but alas they are not.
Where would be the fun in that?

A good pilot accepts that although he controls the machine, he cannot control the outer influences. He can oil the machine, care for it, keep it maintained. But he cannot prevent something unexpected, coming along and sweeping the wings out from under him.

What he can do though, is to know that by flowing with what happens, he gives himself the vital time needed to then re-adjust. Alarms ringing left, right and centre and instead, a good pilot listens to his breath. He slows time down and re-adjusts to avoid the barrel roll that could lead to his hypothetical death.

Life is a series of growths and adjustments. Adjusting your sails each time a new wind comes in.
Flowing in and out just as the tide flows.
Breathing in and out in unison with that tide, instead of fighting against it. 

So, what can you focus in on right now?
What you already know and build and breathe out from there. Which is exactly what you are already doing, isn’t it.

Stop doubting what you already know. The light bulbs of genius inside of your mind switch on for a reason. They switch on to show you, how each moment builds towards the next.
How each focus you have, will of course lead EXACTLY where you think it will.

Does there have to be one sole focus? For some people yes. But you are not those people. You are you. Again I ask the question.

Who are you trying to convince. Answer that, work on that, focus on that.

Brilliance in human form, as pure as spirit, because that’s what you are.

Nici Gorman


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